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Simple Bridge on Alamo Sea 1.3


Add a bridge on alamo sea it will make you save a lot of time to go from one side to an other ;)
The map have 4 version
A simple bridge1, with almost no details, an other (bridge2) with a road texture (the road is only a texture without colision so i've got to put it on the barge it's not exactfit but pretty correct, the border of the road (out of the barge) have no colision under since it's useless cause of the barrier ;), and some pillar.
The 3 bridge add a bus of tourist stuck on the bridge
The bridge4 add a little island with a nautic center, a beach and some ped

Instalation :

1) Instal map editor
(if you can get it to work I'll help you as much as I can but don't post your question here but on map editor page for a better help ;)

2) Instal Object Spawn Unlocker 1.0 (the version of the link is 1.1 but not work correctly so use the one into the zip (1.0))
And rename the " EXtendedObjectlist " (from map editor zip) to " Objectlist "

3) Add the "10K object list" to the objectlist
(optional if you only want the simple bridge with no road but necessary for the bridge with road texture !)

4) You can autoload or load the simple bridge from anywhere by loading the map " bridge " with map editor.

! But for the map " bridge2 "," bridge3 ", " bridge4 " with road texutre you'll have to load it as close as possible from the bridge loaction (else you can encounter trouble like road to not spawn) so be sure to be in the bridge area !

5) enjoy !
I put my objectlist if ever you need it but if you followed the instal it should be ok ;)

Changelog : 1.1, added bridge2 map wich add a more detailled bridge with a road texture
1.2 added the map " bridge3 " wich contain a bus of tourist on the bridge and some street light (on bridge2 and bridge3)
1.3 add a version with an island, beach, and a nautic center

Also notice that the bridge end are not made with road texture simply cause that not straight ;)

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And some minor other ;)
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