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[BEWARE OUTDATED] Gangs Of Los Santos (OIV) 2.2 Casino Update

LDNENG & Pr0trikk


Gangs Of Los Santos

The mod that brings diversity to the ghettos of Los Santos, while maintaining an ambient atmosphere to vanilla surroundings. No longer is Los Santos safe anymore with territories marked with gang activity. Stay strapped.

Bullet Points

- New gang zones
- New vehicles (lowriders, jdm cars, sports cars and motorbikes)
- BMX's added to Marabunta Grande and Aztecas
- Female gang members are able to ride/drive cars, bmx's and motorbikes
- Gang members spawn in vehicles now
- Can carry other gang passengers
- Gangs now play a more active role in the game
- Previous big turfs have now been divided up to give it a realistic feeling
- The gang members in these zones all carry firearms
- Aztecas are now an actual gang complete with their own dialog
- Peds have been totally overhauled
- All the peds clothing branding is from the GTA universe
- Lore friendly


- Megellan Ave Murabunta Grande
- Vespucci Vagos
- Forum Drive Families
- Carson Ave Murabunta Grande
- Grove Street Ballas
- Rancho Vagos
- Jamestown Street Aztecas
- McDonald Street Ballas
- Innocence Blvd Vagos
- Cypress Flats Armenian Mob
- Fudge Lane Marabunta Grande
- El Burro Heights Lost MC
- Amarillo Vista Aztecas

Things To Know

- Game will crash without a custom gameconfig (provided in the mod)
- Works with NVR if installed after NVR
- Uses a custom scenarios file which may or may not conflict with other mods
- Bundled in OIV format with uninstaller included
- Works with WOV if installed on top of it (Thanks Cass)

The screenshots don't do the mod justice, Install the mod and take a tour of the new zones to really understand the changes made and to compare them to the vanilla game.

Spent a very long time working on this mod with many restarts to the project so i hope you like and appreciate the effort and time that went into this. All screenshots are random scenarios that occurred.



Special Thanks


Without this guy the latest update would not be possible, we worked almost every day for 2 months putting our time and effort into this project. Please check out his mods page he is very talented.


Provided me with translations of Azteca spanish audio from San Andreas and was a tester for the latest update.


Provided a video and was a tester for the latest update.


Helped edit the gameconfig and was a tester for the latest update


Thanks for your time and effort making the peds as an addon and making GOLS compatible with WOV.


Please let me know of any bugs you may find although the mod has been tested thoroughly. You should be on the latest version of GTA V running this mod don't blame me if your using some back dated version and i refuse to help anyone that pirated the game.


Please do not re upload, modify and distribute any of the modified files from this mod. If you choose to feature this mod in a video provide a link to this mod page as well as credits to LDNENG & Pr0trikk


- Compatible with latest DLC (thanks Dilapidated and Cass!)
- Clothing has been changed a little bit (thanks Pr0trikk)

If you do not like the changes, 2.1 will still be left up if you want to switch back.


- Compatible with the latest version of GTA V (Arena War)
- Tweaked the new available file
- Fixed some bugs I noticed
- Added the new DLC vehicles
- Gang members no longer constantly spawn in traffic, they will only spawn in their assigned vehicles to create a more realistic feeling


- Compatible with WOV if installed over the top of it
- Peds are now addon with a manual uninstall
- Turfs are not addon but will work and in OIV formats


- Aztecas have now joined Los Santos
- Audio for the Aztecas (replaced close to 800 audio files!)
- Total overhaul of the Families, Vagos, Murabanta, Azteca and Ballas peds
- New turfs and redone the layout
- Gameconfig updated
- Provided in OIV formats, 1 for the turfs and 1 for the peds
- Uninstallers provided
- Some gameplay and performance fixes


- New gameconfig that should fix missions not working


- Revamped Armenian Mob zone
- Assigned Vehicles to the Armenian Mobs
- Fixed an issue with the ambientpedmodelsets file that caused rats and sea creatures to spawn as Lost MC lol
- 2 new screenshots added
- New Trailer added please check it out



- Popgroups redone
- New gameconfig
- Uninstaller included

Mod has been tested multiple times with this new update with various people even though 1.0 worked, now if this version does not work then its something to do with YOUR game or the other mods that YOU have installed.
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