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Ghost's Traffic Variety Mod 1.0



added support for the following add-ons:

Kamacho SWB by GOM

Karin Araint by LamoFreak

All vehicles added by World Of Variety by Cass

added patchnotes.txt file to the zip


added backups of popgroups/popcycle



Install by replacing Popgroups.ymt and Popcycle.dat Full instructions in readme

This mod aims to bring all the DLC cars as well as mods into your everyday traffic spawns in appropriate areas.

Lowriders will spawn in gang heavy zones, with a slightly higher chance at night

More pickups/suvs will spawn in the country

More expensive cars for rich areas

and so on.

This has support for MANY car mods built in, from things like Vanillaworks and IVPack to single addon cars.

If you have a addon you made or just want to spawn, let me know, I will try to add it, there is also a guide in the readme on how to add cars.

This was originally an Idea for personal use so it may not be perfect, feel free to let me know of any bugs and/or make edits! Feel free to upload any edited version of this as long as you credit.

Contains 3 options:
1. Normal = Normal cars
2. Normal & Race = above & rare race style cars
3. Everything = above & rare special and/or weaponized cars
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