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Hand to hand animations 1


adds 11 new paired animations. video preview : https://youtu.be/RjmnFikvQ4M
installing for single player: put in ycd file any rpf archive with animations, for example \GTAV\mods\x64c.rpf\anim\ingame , after that you can play the animations by using Menyoo (don't forget to add the name of the animations to the animation list beforehand)

animation list (you need add this lines in \GTAV\menyooStuff\ PedAnimList.txt) :

hand_to_hand_finishers_p2 atc_finisher_1
hand_to_hand_finishers_p2 vic_finisher_1
hand_to_hand_finishers_p2 atc_finisher_2
hand_to_hand_finishers_p2 vic_finisher_2
hand_to_hand_finishers_p2 atc_finisher_3
hand_to_hand_finishers_p2 vic_finisher_3
hand_to_hand_finishers_p2 atc_finisher_4
hand_to_hand_finishers_p2 vic_finisher_4
hand_to_hand_finishers_p2 atc_finisher_5
hand_to_hand_finishers_p2 vic_finisher_5
hand_to_hand_finishers_p2 atc_finisher_6
hand_to_hand_finishers_p2 vic_finisher_6
hand_to_hand_finishers_p2 atc_finisher_7
hand_to_hand_finishers_p2 vic_finisher_7
hand_to_hand_finishers_p2 atc_finisher_8
hand_to_hand_finishers_p2 vic_finisher_8
hand_to_hand_finishers_p2 atc_finisher_9
hand_to_hand_finishers_p2 vic_finisher_9
hand_to_hand_finishers_p2 atc_finisher_10
hand_to_hand_finishers_p2 vic_finisher_10
hand_to_hand_finishers_p2 atc_finisher_11
hand_to_hand_finishers_p2 vic_finisher_11

author original animations by RamsterZ
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