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Real Police Stations 1.6


Real Police Stations by Yorpie

This mod aims to replace the LSPD stations with LAPD and LSSD offices with LASD ones.

The stations in La Mesa, Mission Row, Vespucci and Vinewood have been given a LAPD makeover, as well as the interior for the Mission Row police station.

The sheriff offices in Davis, Sandy Shores and Paleto Bay also have received new textures. This also includes the interiors for both sheriff offices, you need the Open All Interiors script to enter these

I would like to thank every other modder on this site who made any kind of texture for the police stations for making them, as it would have been a pain to find all the textures without any guidance and I would also like to thank artkrime as his real life retexture of two of the police stations gave me the idea to make this project.

I hope you all enjoy the mod and if you have suggestions or constructive feedback, leave them in the comments and I'll make sure to read it.

Update 1.5 changelog

The Del Perro police station has received a new texture, it now reads 'Santa Monica Police'.

The LSPD recruitement sign at the Davis Sheriff Station has been updated to a LASD recruitment sign.

Possible fix for those who are having trouble with textures at the Vespucci Police Station.

Added a missing texture for the Mission Row police station.

The readme has been updated; Corrected a grammar error, added structure to Mission Row police station installation.

Update 1.6 changelog

I have now included two texture files I simply forgot to add to the mod. If you already were using the latest version, install Davis and Mission Row.

Special thanks to _Vlad_, for bug report, suggestions and helping me finding some textures which I couldn't find.
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