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EUP Backup Configurations [9.3] 6.4.6 (September Hot-Fix)


This Emergency Uniforms Pack (EUP) Backup Configuration "EUP Backup Configurations [9.3]" replicates the use of the lore-friendly police agencies and emergency services from Grand Theft Auto V for LSPDFR (Los Santos Police Department First Response) with the addition of all EUP Uniforms for your character and AI officers including a custom ambient spawning system for all jurisdictions!

This modification also brings several new stations to San Andreas featuring an exclusive EUP uniform selection within the Duty Selection Menu/EUP Menu and includes EUP Badge Props Configurations all in one package with a unique feature - weather variations!

This works with and without Ultimate Backup/Stop The Ped excluding the EUP medical coroner units. If you want the EUP coroner units, you must install Stop The Ped. Otherwise, traffic policer is a good alternative for non-EUP coroner units.

This EUP Backup Config currently offers Class A, Class B, Class C, Utility, Beach Detail, Polo, Detective, Tech, Fatigues, and many more uniforms for all of the police agencies and departments.

Configured for Law & Order 9.3 Serve & Rescue 1.5

Featuring 60 plus exclusive departments and agencies for all of your LSPDFR needs!

Thank you everyone for 80,000 downloads! Let me know if you enjoy this mod by leaving a review! Much appreciated!

You can use WINRAR or 7-ZIP to open the modification files

This modification also includes extra features listed down below!

Callout Local Patrol Configurations (If Developers Enable Them)

Custom Ambient Spawning System!

Custom Stations:

NOOSE HQ, Fort Zancudo HQ, Vespucci Beach Station, Gruppe Sechs Security HQ, Cayo Perico Park Ranger Station, Davis Fire Station, El Burro Heights Fire Station, Fort Zancudo Fire Station, Los Santos International Airport Fire Station, Paleto Bay Fire Station, Rockford Hills Fire Station & Sandy Shores Fire Station

Custom Drop Off Locations:
NOOSE HQ, Fort Zancudo HQ, Vespucci Beach Station, Gruppe Sechs Security HQ, Cayo Perico Park Ranger Station, FIB HQ, LA Mesa, Rockford, Vespucci, Davis, Beaver Bush & Bolingbroke Penitentiary

Backup Options:


Rockford Hills Police Department (EUP)
Del Perro Police Department (EUP)
Los Santos International Airport Police Department (EUP)
Los Santos Port Authority Police (LSPP) (EUP)
Los Santos Police Department (LSPD) (EUP)
Los Santos Police Department Metro (LSPDM) (EUP)
Los Santos County Sheriff's Department (LSSD) (EUP)
Blaine County Sheriff's Office (BCSO) (EUP)
Blaine County Sheriff's Office Vintage (BCSO) (EUP)
San Andreas State Parks (SASP) (EUP)
San Andreas State Parks Lifeguard (SASP) (EUP)
Los Santos Department of Recreation and Parks (LSDRP) (EUP)
San Andreas Department of Fish and Wildlife (SADFW) (EUP)
National Park Service (NPS) (EUP)


San Andreas State Prison Authority (SASPA) (EUP)
San Andreas Highway Patrol (SAHP) (EUP)
San Andreas Highway Patrol Commercial Vehicle Enforcement (CVE) (EUP)
North Yankton State Patrol (NYSP) (EUP)


Los Santos Fire Department (LSFD) (EUP)
Los Santos Fire Department EMS (LSFD) (EUP)
Los Santos Lifeguard (LSLG) (EUP)
Los Santos County Fire Department (LSCFD) (EUP)
Los Santos County Fire Department EMS (LSCFD) (EUP)
Blaine County Fire Department (BCFD) (EUP)
Blaine County Fire Department EMS (BCFD) (EUP)
Coroner (EUP)
San Andreas Medical Services (SAMS) (EUP)
Wildlands Firefighter (SAF) (EUP)
Forestry and Fire Protection (SAF) (EUP)


Border Patrol (EUP)
Drug Observation Agency (DOA) (EUP)
Drug Observation Agency SRT (SRT) (EUP)
Drug Observation Agency Task Force (EUP)
Federal Investigation Bureau (FIB) (EUP)
Federal Investigation Bureau Police (EUP)
Federal Investigation Bureau K9 Police (EUP)
Federal Investigation Bureau SWAT (ATU) (EUP)
Federal Investigation Bureau HRT (HRT) (EUP)
Federal Investigation Bureau Task Force (EUP)
International Affairs Agency (IAA) (EUP)
National Office of Security Enforcement (NOOSE) (EUP)
National Office of Security Enforcement SEP Units (SEP) (EUP)
National Office of Security Enforcement PIA (EUP)
United States Marshals Service (USMS) (EUP)


Coast Guard (USCG) (EUP)
National Guard (EUP)
Military Police (EUP)
United States Air Force (EUP)


Bobcat Security (EUP)
Chuff Security (EUP)
Gruppe Sechs Security (EUP)
Gruppe Sechs Security Armored Divison (EUP)
L&L Security (EUP)
Merryweather Security (EUP)
Securoserv Security (EUP)

Special Units:

Air Medic (EUP)
Dirt Bike Police (EUP)
Fire Chief (EUP)
Fire Pilot (EUP)
Gang Unit (EUP)
Harbor Patrol (EUP)
Riot Police (EUP)

EUP Backup Included Within The Default Backup Menu
EUP Backup Included Within The Ultimate Backup Menu
EUP Badge Props Configurations
Exclusive EUP Uniform Selection Within The Duty Selection Menu/EUP Menu

Exclusive EUP Units:

Air Medic (EUP)
Coroner (EUP)
Dirt Bike Police (EUP)
Fire Chief (EUP)
Fire Pilot (EUP)
Gang Unit (EUP)
Harbor Patrol (EUP)
Riot Police (EUP)

Weather Variations! [Rain/Snow]

In this download, you can choose between normal, rain, and snow variations.

7 Steps Please Follow All Instructions Correctly For A Proper Install

1. Backup all of your files!

2. Drag and drop all contents of the "Grand Theft Auto V" folder into Grand Theft Auto V

3. Replace all files if prompted to do so

4. Ensure the data folder is installed to lspdfr\Data

5. Ensure the Ultimate Backup folder is installed to Plugins\LSPDFR\UltimateBackup (Not Provided)

6. Install Law and Order EUP 9.3 (Not Provided)

7. Install Serve and Rescue EUP 9.3 (Not Provided)

Optionally, ensure the EUP Menu folder is installed to Plugins\EUP

What's New In 6.4.5

Fixed North Yankton State Police Jurisdiction (Default Backup)
Fixed San Andreas Medical Services Rain/Snow Uniforms [Default Backup/Ultimate Backup]

What's New In 6.4.6

Fixed Female Class C SAF Law Enforcement Uniform (Ultimate Backup)

Provided in the September Hot-Fix will be the uncompressed version of the modification. Due to the infinite download bug, the archive couldn't finish downloading. The new folder size is roughly 170 MB. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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