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Taser X26 & Glock 17 Weapon Wheel Icons 1.0.0

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64310b combat pistol
64310b pistol
64310b stungun


This mod was made by me in about an hour, what it does is it changes the icons in the pistol, combat pistol, and stun gun slots to a Glock 17 and Taser X26 icons.

AR-15 icon
M37 Ithaca Icon
ASP Icon
Other Police Weaponry Icons
(If I do get around to doing all that I'll rename this to something like "better police weapon icons"

Please note that this does not contain any weapon models, just textures that will be changed in the weapon wheel.
However, I do recommending downloading these mods, as they were the models I designed the textures after:


If you want to keep track of my mod progress, please view my WIP showroom here: (on LCPDFR.com)


Or check out my most popular mod, B.E.L., which is nowadays an alternative to ELS


Also if you're wondering about an update to B.E.L. and the release of BAL, they're still in the making. I'd give it about 30 days (wink wink nudge nudge) until their release.
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