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So i really don't know why i'm releasing this, as there's in fact nothing to "release", the archive merely contains instructions (text file), which you can also find below.

But i know for a fact that some people were interested by this. So here goes nothing.

So what it is ? What does it do ?

Well, i was annoyed by the fact that the pedestrians, after getting tased or (more randomly) getting shot would lie writhing in pain on the floor for three seconds flat before invariably dying. Every single fucking time, with the same exact timing.

So i started fiddling around with health values and various other shit, yet the results were the same : the pedestrian would invariably die after three seconds when entering the writhe animation. As a last resort i went the hammer way, and straight deleted the animation file which i thought was responsible for this nonsense.

And guess what, it worked. To some extent, read the last notes.

  1. Start OpenIV
  2. Navigate to Grand Theft Auto V \ x64c.rpf \ anim \ ingame \ clip_combat@.rpf
  3. Activate edit mode
  4. A backup of that file is included in the archive, but i still strongly suggest you save that animation file somewhere just in case
  5. Remove (delete) combat@death@from_writhe.ycd
  6. Disable edit mode
  7. Enjoy !
If you fuck something up the original file is included in the archive.
Last notes

Some pedestrians will still die three seconds after entering the writhe animation and any contact (if you hit or walk on them, even lightly, if another ped walk on them, or if they hit a wall for exemple) will instantly kill them and they will obviously stop playing the animation. There's probably some other factors, but i'm not aware of them.

I know this is far from being a perfect solution, but this is all i have to offer. Besides if you have a better idea, or a better way to handle things, i will gladly remove my mod for your better solution. But until then this will do.

I'm sure this could be achieved in a better way using scripts, but i ain't no scripter, no no.
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