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  • 1a9ee2 325009 chow yun fat

    it should be working fine, I was using the lasso mod before and it was working. The mod works by targeting npcs (right mouse click) whilst unarmed and you should see a prompt saying to press F to lasso them.

    18 phút trước
  • 1a9ee2 325009 chow yun fat

    if this mod doesn't work for you, there's this alternative that allows you to kidnap npcs and put them in the trunk of your car. It's missing the lasso feature though but you can still kidnap and carry npcs around, by targeting them and pressing "F"



    use this mod to open your trunk and see them tied up XD


    it's basically a Brazilian mod XD, so make sure to translate/replace the entire language in the "ini" file to english XD

    so it looks like this

    linha_1 = Press ~INPUT_ENTER~ to take this person~n~Press ~INPUT_JUMP~ to release this person
    linha_2 = Press ~INPUT_ENTER~ to bind that person
    linha_3 = Press ~INPUT_ENTER~ to drop this person
    linha_4 = Press ~INPUT_ENTER~ to drop this person ~n~Press ~INPUT_JUMP~ to put in the trunk
    linha_5 = Press ~INPUT_AIM~ to get this person out of the trunk

    39 phút trước
  • 1a9ee2 325009 chow yun fat

    this a a good mod but seeing the weapon on ur back even though u are using the weapon can be immersive breaking. This zombie mod has a "weapononback.dll" that works the same as this mod but pressing T lets you take and put back the weapon on your back , a bit more realistic. Just use the "weapononback.dll" from this mod and press T when using double handed weapons


    3 ngày trước
  • 1a9ee2 325009 chow yun fat


    the controls a bit weird to get in contrast to other mods but once you realize, it's really simple.The controls aren't the same to you're typical mod controls so it might vary from user to user. E.g the main menu for this mod is shown in the ini to be:


    the controls are in the same ini, if you scroll down to 54, it says INPUT_WEAPON_SPECIAL_TWO = 54

    which for me is the T button, if you don't know what it might be for you, go to your key bindings, "Combat" section and see what key is set for "Toggle weapon accessory".

    Now with everything set, pressing T or whatever key you have set, should bring the main menu to call your dog, combined with the up key.

    6 ngày trước
  • 1a9ee2 325009 chow yun fat

    using version 3.5 and the pet option is there

    6 ngày trước
  • 1a9ee2 325009 chow yun fat

    working great but there seems to not be any option to pet your dog, only carry/ leash

    6 ngày trước
  • 1a9ee2 325009 chow yun fat

    got it working! a bit frustrating. The controls are different to classic mod controls here everyone, so make sure to read the ini carefully. E.g the controls don't follow Virtual-Key Codes

    6 ngày trước
  • 1a9ee2 325009 chow yun fat

    this is so amazing! really makes the world feel alive. Goes well with Beta drug dealers mod. Think of them as rival drug dealers


    7 ngày trước
  • 1a9ee2 325009 chow yun fat
  • 1a9ee2 325009 chow yun fat