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TU144 Liveries Mega Pack 1.2


An accurate set of historical liveries for the soviet supersonic plane Tu-144 addon.
Based on hi-res photos I have recreated the look of the original liveries with accurate details:
Liveries from FSX and various flight games are based on aircraft restorations from the 2000s that were not 100% historically accurate: colors, sign and numbers fonts, logos, positioning, fuselage warnings, lack or differs from the original ones of coldWar era.
So with a work of months viewing thousands of photos on the web, I create this mega liveries pack for
SkylineGTRFreak's Tupolev Tu-144D Charger [Add-On]

Big Thanks to SkylineGTRFreak's model, now You can choose on 11 better accurate liveries (includes 2 bonus fictional):
The SkylineGTRFreak's model is of Tu144-D but many liveries are from Tu144s...slight differences, but be happy anyway!


68001 Tu144 1968 (Prototype)
77101 Tu144s 1971 (PreProduction plane. First painting, the red livery)
77102 Tu144s 1972 (Development plane, Crashed 1973 at Paris Air Show)
77109 Tu144s 1976 (Passenger commercial plane Moscow-AlmaAta route)
77110 Tu144s 1977 (Passenger commercial plane Moscow-AlmaAta route)
77114 Tu144d 1983 (Never flew for passenger routes...maybe. 101 logo livery)
77115 Tu144d 1984 (Never flew for passenger routes...maybe. Reused for training pilots for Buran space shuttle program)
77114 Tu144LL 1996 (77114 converted after soviet era for joint experiments program Tupolev+NASA 1996-1999) First version [Usa Flag First]
77114 Tu144LL 1997 (77114 converted after soviet era for joint experiments program Tupolev+NASA 1996-1999) Second version [Russian flag first, MOCKBA sign]
69237 TU144m [Fictional] CCCP presidential plane
ALITALIA livery [Fictional] (Based on Alitalia 70s boeing747 livery).

- If you don't have already, Install SkylineGTRFreak's Tupolev Tu-144D Charger [Add-On] and follow its installation instructions.
- Install my liveries mega pack OIV with OPENIV

[Because of this large number of liveries I SUGGEST Gameconfig FOR LIMITLESS VEHICLES or similar, to avoid crash].

Have fun!!!

If you want to know more about tu144 look at this very accurate site , it was very useful to me for the study of liveries.
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