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X-62A: Skyborg 1.0

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Hi folks,

Here is a new livery for Skyline's NF-16D VISTA.
The airframe underwent a multitude of modifications over the years which include:

- Total replacement of the VSS (VISTA Simulation System)
- Addition of a new system called SACS (System for Autonomous Control of Simulation)
- Removal of thrust vectoring in favor of a standard GE F110 (the model will still have it)
- A fresh lick of paint

These modifications have been made in preparation for the Skyborg program at Edwards AFB, where it is currently operated by Calspan Aerospace as a test article for developing autonomous drone wingman tech.
The NF-16D was redesignated X-62A in April 2021.

Download the model by SkylineGTRFreak:

Replace/add「vista_sign_2.dds, F16D_glass.dds, F16D_glass_T.dds」into「f16vista.ytd
The model appears to not have multi-livery support so it's Replace Only.
The glass textures are optional, but recommended as the reflection doesn't look very good.
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