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Project Kill 'em All: Hunting Pack for Trevor


First things first, 2-minute noodles. Can't beat em.

I had a good ol' yarn with Trevor the other day and he told me a few things he thought needed improving. He said he was sick of people trying to "normalise" him, giving him Michael's hair wigs and using petrol to clean his tatts off. He's also tired of mowing people down with a mini-gun at Vinewood Boulevard and said that he is ready to take up a new sport, hunting. That way he still gets the thrill of killing mammals whilst drinking a cold beer out of a shoe.

So Spud put his tailoring skills to the test and created some of the finest Ridgeline camo to date and delivered it in a brand-spanking new Land Rover. Full stop. End of story.

- Three camouflage jackets and their fluro orange alternatives
- Three camouflage pants and their fluro orange alternatives
- One snow camouflage outfit
- Three Dri-Fit camouflage tees
- Camouflage face paint
- Camouflage Land Rover Defender (Owner released it to the public for open modding)

Want something big to shoot at?
Then check out Quechus13's dinasaur mod.

Want a pearler of a shotgun?
Then this Remington by Vans123 may be just the thing for you.

This is a great way to shoot me some bird:
Shotgun Range Fix+ Choice of Buckshot or Birdshot By Impactjunky.

Did you love this FREE re-texture?
Paint.net is free and I need money to poison my neighbors cat. So put a lump sum into my account here.

If you want access to EVERY mod on this site, you are not allowed to open this link:
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