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GasStation 1.2



Gas Station Mod is all about working as employee of LTD Gasoline company. You can refuel vehicles, sell goods, complete delivery missions and even get attacked in robbery. This mod has a lot to offer.

✦ Job feature - You can apply to a job and work in any time you want.
✦ Refueling vehicles - You may need to help customers or see them do them by themself.
✦ Selling goods - You operate on a cash register with a variety of functions.
✦ Car Wash - Little Seul is the only one where customers might give you keys to wash the car.
✦ Mopping - If you feel a need you can go to staff room, get a mop and clean the floor.
✦ Robberies - You can get attacked and your only goal is to avoid getting killed.
✦ Delivery - From time to time station will need you to complete quick delivery missions.

Open IV
ScriptHookDotNet 3
LemonUI v1.8 or newer

✦ Adding more features like charging electric cars or maybe small hot dog making script
✦ More customization options.

✦ Game crashes when loading into agency. (Fixed in 1.0.01)

• Only thing I concentrate on is bug fixing and finishing some minor stuff.

Fixes changes and new additions:
- Script crash after teleporting to a job right after starting it.
- Script crash + kicked from agency right before getting a job.
- Removed "mission failed" appearing at the end of delivery mission even if it was not failed.
- Increased range around disposal for easier nozzle grabbing.
- Fixed some misunderstanding in Debug Panel, renamed to Cheat Panel. Now you need to enable it through config. It also has new option to Toggle shift from here.
- Ron Tatavian Mnt. Station is hidden. It's a secret location more about it soon, you can still toggle it back on in LTDJobStations.xml by removing comments:
- Added notification indicating that mod has loaded.
- You can now edit config file without need to exit the game.
- Fixed skill points not adding in
- You now see notification when your skill points category reach number 10/20/30 etc..
- Added cash sound that plays after you finish transaction.
- Dlc file size has been reduced from 66MB~ to 29MB.
- Fixed markers incorretly positoned.
- Fixed robbers not spawning
- Fixed minor bugs that resulted in script crash
- Removed .oiv installer as it caused too many problems, now its only manuall installation.

✦ Drag scripts folder into Grand Theft Auto V directory.
✦ Drag ltdjob folder to: Grand Theft Auto V/mods/update/x64/dlcpacks/
✦ Using OpenIV, turn on Edit mode.
✦ In OpenIV, navigate to path: Grand Theft Auto V/mods/update/update.rpf/common/data/
If you don't have that path, go to Grand Theft Auto V/update/update.rpf
and press "Show in "mods" folder" button to copy path to mods folder.
✦ Edit dlclist.xml file and add this:
to the bottom of the file just above
✦ Done! :)

If you need help with installation, you have any questions, you found a bug that you want to report, or just want to get more information, feel free to talk with me on my Discord.
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