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It Follows 1.2



Based on the Entity from the movie It Follows, credit of concept and name goes to the creators of that movie.

This mod add's a Entity that will walk towards you, no matter what and no matter where...

The entity can change shape at unknown times, most often when vision of it has been lost over a short period of time.

[As of version 1.1]
You can transfer the curse over to another person by having sex with them.
If that person dies however, the curse returns to you.
This requires the Hot Coffee mod by jedijosh920.

How to install?
Within the download you get a file named ItFollowsV.dll .
Drop that file into the Scripts directory and it is ready to go.

What do you want featured in a mod like this? It's not perfect before the community have shared their ideas.

-Added settings file which will be generated on first run.
--The entity can be shown on map, disabled by default.
--Added 2 small extra settings, which might help set the ambience.
-Added support for Hot Coffee mod, it is required.
-Small Bug fixes.
-Fixed a bug where the follower was visible on the map at all times.
-Initial Release.
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