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Melee Riot (Ambient Peds Riot) 1.1


Melee Riot - Ambient Peds Riot mod 1.1 by alphazolam

Also parachuting peds!
**Re-uploaded because I forgot the .ini file

***Installation & Usage:***
Drag+Drop MeleeRiot.asi and meleeriot.ini to your GTA5 folder with ScriptHook V installed, and toggle the mod on and off with the numpad-minus key by default. You can change the key in the ini file; just change "0x6D" (numpad-minus) to any other numeric value corresponding to this list of keys:

Older versions of the mod and more information can be found in the GTAForums topic, linked below.

Have fun!


**Config File**
Version 1.1 has the following options in the meleeriot.ini config file, new options being marked with a ***. You may ONLY change the values between the brackets (or curly braces, with the weapons-lists). Please update your config file with each new update of the mod, or it may not work. Do not modify any of the text except between the brackets/braces. The current meleeriot.ini options are:
Hotkey = [0x6D] -- set this to a key value as described in the installation & usage section of this readme
Guns = [0] -- set this to [1] if you want all peds to be given guns from the list of 50 weapons at the bottom of the ini file. Peds are guaranteed to be given weapons in this mode (there are no odds).
***Parachutes = [1] -- This option allows for peds who are over 10 distance units (one unit being about the height of a pedestrian) in the air to pull parachutes and glide to the location of their last opponent (or a random location, if they do not have a last opponent). Setting this number to anything higher than [1] will make the number be the minimum height required to use a parachute, so setting it to [15] means they must be 15 distance units high to use one. Try this with a gravity gun mod for best effect.
Peds Sweat = [0] -- For s**ts and giggles. Set this to [1] to have everyone become drenched in "sweat" after fighting for a bit. Set it to [2] for only ladies.
***No animals = [0] -- set this to [1] to completely remove ALL animals from the riot, and set it to [2] to remove cows along with the harmless ones normally removed at [0]
Target stacking = [0] -- Formerly "sucker punches," set this to [1] to remove a restriction that prevents one rioter's assigned-target from being the next rioter's assigned-target as well.
Tougher ped cars = [1] -- makes rioting drivers become more skilled, and their cars become stronger and faster, similar to police cars in the normal game
***Peds ignore player = [0] -- Formerly called "Less hostile peds", set this to [1] to make rioters all but ignore the player (up to a point). Set this to [2] if you want rioters to ignore the player, but for them to still to be able to target you using the "Drivers chase player" and "More peds target player" odds
Ped minimum health = [150] -- Set this to a higher number like [400] if you want rioters to be able to take multiple gunshot wounds and melee weapon strikes and still keep coming, like they're on PCP or something. Cranking this up can work somewhat as an alternative to the realistic ped-brawling mod. Setting this to 100 will not affect anyone unless they naturally have under 100 health (like a grandma or something)
***Ped minimum armor = [100] -- set this to 100 or 200 to give armed peds a nice resistance to bullets. If a ped is shooting a gun, they can have 10,000 health and, without any armor, they can still be fatally wounded by one bullet to the leg.
Remove common guns = [0] -- set this to [1] to remove all the common guns seen carried by pedestrians/police around the map, such as the pistol, the pump shotgun, the carbine, etc. Police, SWAT and Army are all given nightsticks. Make sure you do not have this on with the "guns" option, unless you want only the peds to have guns and not the cops.
Old (random) targeting = [0] -- set this to [1] to make it so targets are only picked randomly, except for those fighting back against others who attack them. Combined with target-stacking, this tries to mimic the original targeting style of this mod, from earlier versions.
Riot radius around player = [9999] -- This number decides the maximum distance a potential rioter can be from the player. Beyond a certain range, it has no obvious effect, (a ped must be considered "nearby" to riot anyway), but there are countless useless "entities" that the mod is saved from having to analyze through this. When set to [9999], this factor is not considered (which is how the mod used to be)
***Riot activity rate = 1/[1] -- Set this to [0] and all peds will ignore all combat commands, along with EVERYTHING else. These are the odds that a ped will listen to the script, so set to 1/[60] or something if you want odd fights here and there, but all the peds to completely ignore the player's shocking actions. Effects like parachuting peds will still work
Target switching odds (1/X) = 1/[1] -- Move this number closer to 1 and the rioters will be more likely to switch up their targets, but once one ped damages another ped, they will usually be linked, and will not switch until one of them dies or a third person comes in and hits one of them.
Male melee weapon odds (1/X) = 1/[26] -- These are the odds that male peds will be given melee weapons when guns are disabled.
Female melee weapon odds (1/X) = 1/[14] -- Same, but for females. Melee weapons are only given when not in combat or when entering a vehicle (peds are almost guaranteed weapons when entering a vehicle, to make it look like they retrieved it from their car)
***Peds trip when fleeing odds = 1/[1] -- Set this to [0] if you do not want fleeing peds to stumble and fall, or something like [5] if you only want it to happen 1/5th of the time.
More peds target player odds (1/X) = 1/[0] -- Formerly "More peds target player" switch, now a ratio. Set this to 1/[1] if you want all peds to attack you, or set it to 1/[120] if you just want peds to randomly target you every once in a while. They will seek you out deep inside building interiors.
***More drivers chase player odds = 1/[5] -- This ratio determines how often other drivers will chase the player on the road when you drive near them
***Peds leave vehicles faster odds = 1/[10] -- This ratio determines how likely a ped is to leave their vehicle while slowed down during a car-chase and now also determines how often drivers will pick fist fights over car chases.
Peds regen health outside of combat = [0] -- Set this to [1] if you want rioters to have a chance to regenerate their full health whenever they manage to escape combat for a moment.
***Pilots do not bail out = [1] -- set this to [0] if you dont want the police helicopters that chase you having their pilots bail out and crash
***Cops vs SWAT vs Army = [1] -- set this to [0] if you do not want the cops, SWAT and Army to all fight eachother like rival gangs.
Flaming stun gun (extinguish ped to restore) = [0] -- set this to [1] and peds who are shocked with the stun gun will catch fire and become invulnerable and unable to ragdoll, running around rioting like normal while burning. To kill them, first extinguish the fire.
Set player as cop (change playermodel to restore) = [0] -- Set this to [1] to be a cop, making dispatched police come as backup rather than as enemies. Enabling this should also allow you to shoot friendly peds like Lamar, since it allows you to shoot your "fellow cops"
***Custom 'guns' weapons list: (50 weapons max, 5 per line) -- Put your own list of up to 50 weapons to be used when the "guns" option is enabled. These weapons are given all the time when not in combat. Make sure to leave the list perfectly formatted, or it may not be accepted
***Custom melee weapons list: (16 weapons max, 4 per line) -- This list is the pool of weapons given during normal melee-riot mode. These are awarded based on the male/female weapons odds, and do not have to be melee weapons if you don't want them to be.

-a list of weapons to choose from is included at the bottom of the readme file (a few odd DLC weapons are not in there because I didn't for sure know their names, so you'll have to find those online.)

The script does not have to be re-loaded to accept new settings from the config file. You must change your playermodel to reset the cop-setting, or restart the game.
Idle cops (after you lose your wanted level) can still cause slight FPS drop, so make sure you clear them all from the area and NEVER leave the area while the FPS is still lagging from their presence or it will persist until you re-load the game. After the latest patch I have not noticed this problem happening nearly as much

~~~~~~~MELEE RIOT~~~~~~~~~
Original description + changelogs:
This mod started as a custom revision of the "Provocateur" ambient-riot mod by Kokolaty. Over the past month, I have completely recreated the script from the ground up, but the core techniques used to grab peds and to purge them from memory I still owe to Kokolaty's inclusion of the source code for Provocateur. Much credit goes to him for this mod's existence.
Melee Riot aims to provide the maximum amount of variety (and comedy) in rioting ped behavior.

What this mod does:
Once toggled, all pedestrians around the player will start fighting eachother with whatever weapons they already have (usually just their fists). Some pedestrians will be given melee weapons fight with. The rioting peds are completely fearless, and will keep rushing with just their bare hands, even after being shot multiple times.
Pedestrians in cars will pull over and get out to join the rumble, or will angrily try to pull over other drivers and fight them (much like when you make another driver angry in story mode). drivers can also target and chase the player if you are driving a vehicle too close to them (the odds of this happening are configurable in the ini file). Going off a highway stunt jump with this mode on will often cause several cars to follow you off of it.

The on-foot rioters will only target the player if they detect that you are in combat-mode or if you get right in their faces, while Peds who try and ignore the riot by walking away or fleeing will trip and fall, and peds normally "stuck" doing things like sitting at tables or riding the Ferris wheel will fall off and fight (or die because they cannot survive being a ragdoll.)
Dogs will pounce on their owners, and deer will ram rioting motorists on the side of the highway, but birds, cats and bunnies are left alone.
Using meleeriot.ini, you can now tweak the riot very much to your own preferences.

  • Riot mode where peds are never given guns and all rioters come from the ambient pedestrians already walking around.
  • Stand and watch or join in the fight: the rioters will ignore you unless you provoke them
  • Female peds will now be given melee weapons quite often, since they are so much weaker in-game than males. Male peds will be given melee weapons less often.
  • Peds will not target the player unless they detect that the player is in combat.
  • Many drivers on the road will try and ram the player's vehicle, or sometimes they will ram other drivers. Firefighters will almost always use their water cannon.
  • Bodyguards (anyone who is a member of the player's group) are not affected by the mod
  • If a ped already has a gun, they will use it. Rioting peds will not run from explosions or even getting shot.
  • Peds that are running can become hostile again by you getting closer to them.
  • Enable/Disable message on-screen while the key is depressed.
  • Larger animals now included among the rioters
  • Peds will now fight back against those who hit them
  • Advanced config file allows for heavy customization - see below

Version 1.1 changelog
*Added "Riot activity rate" config option, which allows you to set how often peds will completely ignore the fight commands (and completely ignore everything going on around them)
*Added "parachutes" config option, which makes peds who are airborne pull parachutes and glide safely back to earth. Try it with a gravity gun mod to throw peds in the air, and watch them glide back to their opponents and resume fighting
*Changed "no animals" setting and "peds ignore player" settings to accept values of [2] as well as [1] and [0]
*Added some code to explicitly remove flying birds until I find out exactly what all their model hashes are
*Some other coding things that improve ped responsiveness
Version 1.0a changelog
*Fixed the glitch that broke v1.0
*The method I used to remove birds (checking their models) stopped working for some random reason, so now I've made it so animals must be within 50 distance units from the player to riot to keep them from all swooping down.
*Made it so that peds are only assigned to the "cougar" group if it is guns mode or if they are fleeing and they pass a 1/5-odds check
*Made it so that civilain peds think cougars are not frightening enemies, so as to stop the mass panic events where distant peds start running from the "dangerous carnivores" in the streets
*if a civilian is attacked by a cougar-ped, the civilain becomes a cougar-ped, so that the civilian will no longer think of the cougar ped as a non-enemy
*Added a small config option to specify whther helicopter and plane pilots should bail out like all other vehicle drivers
*Added a small config option to specify whether cops should be added to the cougar group (since it makes them, the army, and SWAT all fight eachother)

Version 1.0 changelog
*Fixed a bug with peds always regenerating health
*Fixed a bug that made more peds flee than would in version 0.8
*Fixed it so birds, cats, rabbits and other animals without attacks (except cows) are excluded from the riot
*Added an entry in the config file to determine what weapons peds can get from the mod
*Added a config option to completely remove animals from the riot
*Renamed "sucker punches" to "target stacking" to better reflect what the option does
*Renamed "Less hostile peds" to "Peds ignore player" to better reflect what the option does
*New option: "More drivers chase player odds" determines how often cars will chase your vehicle if you drive near them
*New option: "Ped minimum armor", because even with 10,000 health a ped with a gun will still die from a couple bullets w/o armor
*Changed several options to odds-based, rather than just on/off
*Basically rewrote the entire script trying to fix the fleeing issue that started in 0.9

Version 0.9b changelog
*Fixed more peds target player and old targeting method broken config settings
*Added an option to specify whether peds trip when fleeing
*Added an option to set the maximum range from the player that a ped can be considered for rioting ("riot radius")
*Tweaked main targeting system, now 1/1 odds in the config file is probably the best choice; any higher and peds will stand around longer
*Added a config option to make it so the stun gun will set a ped on fire and make the rioter invincible and unable to ragdoll until the ped is extinguished (use a fire extinguisher or a firetruck)
Version 0.9a changelog
*completely revised the targeting system based on the one used to attract peds to other idle peds (introduced in 0.9), I'm very happy with the results
*Added a "sweat" option as requested by users. set it to [1] to have both men and women get drenched with sweat during a heated fight, or to [2] for only women.
*Tweaked some stuff with the "cougar" group being assigned to everyone
*Made all guns get removed with the config option, not just common ones (except for heavy weps)
*Changed driver behavior so those on the highway wont all just speed by

Version 0.9 changelog
*Put all rioters in the "cougar" relationship group; now cops will attack SWAT and most group-relationships are ignored. Rioters are given very short visual range to prevent them from all attacking player on-sight.
*Added a targeting method that makes peds who stand around not fighting become primary targets for other peds (controllable via config setting "Target switching odds")
*Added six + new config options
*Tweaked base targeting system
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