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New DLC cars in Traffic 1.0


This script will add cars from online to the main traffic of cars, in addition to existing cars, new cars and motorcycles will appear in parking lots, factories, various dead ends, docks, and then go to the main road.Cars and motorcycles will be tuned to varying degrees and randomly painted, their drivers drive in a hooligan style.There will also be new construction equipment, military equipment and even bicycles from the online, and all in random coloring..Sometimes rare helicopters with a pilot will appear and if you approach them , and kick the helicopter with your foot, then he will take off and chase you everywhere, scolding you with obscenities.

You must have a trainer installed in the game- Simple Trainer of the latest version, we only need it so that when a car appears from online, it does not disappear in three seconds.

If a new update of the game with a new technique is released, then it is easy to add this technique to the traffic, for this you need to open the file - DLCTraffic.txt and enter the in-game name of the technique separated by a comma.(don't forget to click save later) Just do not enter boats, water scooters, yachts, planes, wagons and everything that does not know how to drive itself on the roads.

At the moment, all the cars from the game version - v 1.0.2372 has been added.

Installation: Drop the scripts folder into the root of the game. If you already have such a folder there , then throw the 3 files that lie in it into your folder

To make it all work for you, download the files from the search
and drop them into the root folder of the game.
Who has the game version - v 1.0.2545/1.58 we add to the file
DLCTraffic.txt more cars:

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