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TheHitList.net (More missions and jobs) Alpha 0.2

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What is TheHitList.net
TheHitList.net is a script to add more jobs and ways to make money into the game. Holding a menu for assassinations, stealing cars and Amazon type gun purchasing. The Jobs pay and have way points and blips and subtitles.

- Assassination jobs
- Car jacking jobs
- Amazon-like page to buy guns to help with jobs
- Jobs pay
- Easy to use menu
- Creative clients
- Controller and keyboard support
- More!

What's to come
- More jobs on all menus
- More on the "store" type page
- Bug fixes
- Any idea's from you guys!

How to install

TheHitListAlpha02.dll = Keyboard use only
TheHitListAlpha02Controller.dll = Controller use only

- Download and install Scripthook & Scripthookdotnet.
- Download and install NativeUI.
(Both of these have tutorials online, they're very easy to get.)
- Put "TheHitListAlpha.dll" or "TheHitListAlphaController02.dll" into your GTA scripts folder.
- If you don't have a scripts folder make one in your GTA 5 directory, all lower case.

The Controls are in the README.txt included in the file, if you need them.

- Alpha 0.2 Added:

- Controller support
- Various bug fixes
- Change of how things work
- More clean way around

-Alpha 0.2 update Added:

- Fixed controller support bugs.

This mod is only in alpha, please leave ways to improve/bugs in the comments.
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