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WashAtHome 1.3

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Wash your car, at home or everywhere you want. Just walk to your car, press the wash key (customizable) and the player will start to wash (if the engine is off and the car is dirty).

Just copy the files in your scripts folder. You need ScripthookV and Scripthookdotnet.

Update 1.1:
- cancelable with movement (but should be finished without canceling no later than 38 sec. if the car has max. dirtyness and you leave the settings alone)
- sponge should now work every time
Update 1.2:
- use sponge or cleaning rag
- or randomize and use both, check the ini file :)
Update 1.3:
- increased default speed settings
- mud hasnt been removed, fixed that
- you can wash your car with engine on
Update 1.3 (reupload)
- reuploaded 1.3 with a lower washing speed, sorry! No other changes, if you have 1.3 and changed your settings, there is no need to redownload
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