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Where Da Opps 1.0 (Beta)


ScriptHookV, ScriptHookVdotnet, NativeUI

Place "whereDaOppsAt.dll" and "whereDaOppsSettingst.ini" files in your scripts folder

Keys:(keys can be change in .ini file) MAKE SURE NUMLOCK IS ON
Num9(on the number pad) to activate the mod and pull up the mod menu.
Num1(on the number pad) to show the amount of drugs you have.

Where Da Opps started as a mod to add a few things todo in RP/a lets play. Kill Opps and sell packs. Opps in the "Get Drop Mission "have 20 spawn locations with random amount of bodyguards up to 5. In the "Drop Da lo" mission a vehicle with opps spawns near by a drives to your location. "Get Location Of Drug Dealers Car" has 14 spawn locations. A dealer will spawn near the vehicle to steal from and will protect it if he close while you steal and chase you in his vehicle. both "Get Drop Mission " and "Get Location Of Drug Dealers Car" have a chance to spawn backup and have opps pull up basically triggering the "Drop Da lo" mission. There's a Dealer on the map displayed as a green dude. the dealer with Roam around the city between 6 locations in the hoods. When you sell to him there's a chance the police get called or its a set up and the "Drop Da lo" mission gets triggered sending opps to the location of the deal. The dealer also sells for double the amount if the sell Hub. If you check random events it will spawn one of this mission at a random time between 1 and 5 mins until all mission are active.

Now I want to expand it. Looking for feedback or ideas to add. This is my first script mod. The mod is expandable and i can add locations in easy for any mission or dealer location. I learn how to code in C Sharp in unity. I feel the mod is a little easy so i want to see the feedback and make it harder if need. i have plans for future missions, but looking for ideas from the community,

Link to a video showing how things work

Mod Menu:
-You can start 3 different events labeled in green.
-Reset any mission labeled in orange or reset all mission at once labeled in red. (if the loot spawns in a place you cant reach you can reset the mission. had this happen once on stairs.)
-Reset Dealer or Sell Hub if something goes wrong labeled in blue.
-Clear all mod items. (do this before you reload scripts to delete all items associated with this mod)

If you make a video using the mod please show me I would love to watch.

Please do not reupload or edit this mod. Made by Daniel Montgomery Dough254

Next Update Features/Fixes:
- opps spawn mission change/remove underground mall parking lot location. some opps and guards spawn invisible some how.
- idea from @vasimontana Rob Gang Stash (behind allies, stores, warehouses, backyards etc)
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