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ZHalfLife - HL2/CSGO Movement for GTA V


A port of GoldSrc/Half-Life 1 and Source/Half-Life 2 movement to GTA V.
Bunnyhopping, airstrafing, surfing, wallboosting, swimming, sharking, ducking and noclip are all fully implemented, along with a toggle to switch between HL2 (ABH) and HL1 (bhop) mechanics and gravity.

Everything from sv_gravity and sv_airaccelerate, to mouse sensitivity and camera FOV can be tweaked in the config menu.

Collision detection is still a bit wonky, meaning slow on-foot movement and crouch jumping aren't perfect yet.

Default controls:
F7 - open/close menu
Num5 - enter menu
Num0 - exit menu
Num2/8 - scroll
LCTRL & Q - toggle mod
V - toggle noclip

Added view punch
Fixed issues with hats and glasses
Major improvements to ducking
Corrected ABH and airaccelerate behavior
Further improvements to ground movement and friction
Added a toggle for autojump
Minor code optimizations
Added (some) climbable ladders
Added a toggle for the velocity display
Added footstep sounds
Added fall damage
Added HL2DM style viewmodel lag
Added an option to make all walls double sided
Accurately converted the jump boost from 2006 HL2 for the Old Engine Jump Boost option
Added more options and comments to the .ini
Moved the Golf Club viewmodel down a bit
Improvements to velocity retention when landing
Added attachment support on top of moving vehicles
Added support for rocket jumping
Fixed issues with AI targeting
Viewmodels now disappear when you die
Added weapon viewmodels
Water physics now accounts for waves
The toggle keybind now works even if Display Statistics is off
Movement types have now been combined into a single Jump Mode option (bhop, jump boost, or ABH)
Ducking will now actually make the player crouch
Getting into cover will now no longer break shooting
Fixed Half-Life 1 view bobbing speed
Added options into the .ini to apply presets at startup
Added a mixed jump type for both bhop and ABH
Added an option for drawing a crosshair
Added an option to make the velocity display only count horizontal speed
Added water physics
Major improvements to collision
Added Physics Steps option
Accurately converted friction and ground acceleration
Converted the view bobbing from Half-Life 1
Added Counter-Strike Surf/bhop preset
Added missing dependencies
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