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  • 74766f 8m4jraxlibi

    @princesjojoe You must open the "weapons.meta" and find the lines"AMMO_(The right caliber)", look the right caliber there and change the value AmmoMax, AmmoMax50, AmmoMax100 to the values you need

    @Aaron Marak I tested the mod and everything was working, the game sometimes breaks on its own after installing OIV, I advise you to often make backups

    @7th Ward Lines are responsible for this:
    <FirstPersonScopeFov value="48.00000"/>

    @Pehotinec_78 Спасибо за отзыв, тебе нужно найти файл "weapons_assaultrifle_mk2.meta", в нем попытаться подстроить значения этой строки <FirstPersonScopeOffset x="0.000000" y="0.14000" z="0.007000" />, насколько я помню z это вверх вниз, еще вероятно придется изменять <FirstPersonScopeRotationOffset x="-0.450000" y="0.000000" z="0.000000" />, но это не точно. Звук стрельбы может пропасть из за модов на звуки

    9 ngày trước
  • 74766f 8m4jraxlibi

    @Adecentusername I checked and did not see such a problem, perhaps this is a mistake from 1.6

    @EO3M95 Adds a new sniper rifle and carbine

    @Fresh_1 This sometimes happens to GTA, it is not connected with my mods, do more backups

    @oooper666 Thanks buddy, I don't know how it happened

    @Drugula Muzzle Flashs/Smoke settings are in the "weapon.meta" "(in your case "weaponsnspistol.meta") These are the lines "<Fx></Fx>". The clip size in the "weaponcomponents.meta" file "(in your case in the "weaponcomponents.meta" file that lies in folders with "weaponsnspistol.meta") You need to change the value "<ClipSize value="

    25 Tháng mười một, 2022
  • 74766f 8m4jraxlibi

    @conde_vampichoco Open the Weapons.meta Find there <Name>WEAPON_MINIGUN</Name> and replace the line <Audio>AUDIO_ITEM_COMBATPISTOL</Audio> with <Audio>AUDIO_ITEM_MINIGUN</Audio>

    @Quincy123 Thank you!

    @Lyk0s I think I will do it all the same. I also noticed that the recolil is highly dependent on the skill of the character, try to increase it somehow, and the return will become much less

    @Daspaz Read the answer for Lyk0s. It is very possible I will add an option in the future

    @Adecentusername A sniper rifle shoots 7.62x51 so as not to make a separate type of cartridge for one weapon, marksman pistol shoots 50bmg for fun, otherwise it will become useless

    @notDONEyet The heavy rifle is now installed with the main mod

    @Itzhak880 You are right, I think I will do it

    @Daevinski I'm not sure about the other missions, but there should not be in this problem

    @JordanSouzaS No, these mods replace the same things, but you can eat them yourself and use part of the files from the IC, and part from the RWO

    @EduardAzo2211 @Dima4887 я очень рад, что вы друг другу помогаете

    @Dimitri_Rascalov @YoYO16 @MACKMIN As I said, I corrected it partially, while I do not know how to eliminate it completely without removing the types of ammunition

    @SlayeModifications I don't play FiveM, so I will hardly do it

    25 Tháng chín, 2022
  • 74766f 8m4jraxlibi

    I would really like to see new attachments from you

    07 Tháng chín, 2022
  • 74766f 8m4jraxlibi

    @PA_Brito I will add an intermediate version of the texture in the following update

    @Cabbage Dealer Thanks for the feedback!

    @Teodoric0420 This is a feature of the work of ENB, I can't fix it

    @Haetzetz You can only install everything at once, or you can compare the meters of meta using "Compared" for notepad++ and transfer only the modes you need to Vanila

    @GensokyoIsReal I already thought about it, perhaps I will do this in one of the future updates

    @383rd Order I will do it in the update

    @daBestSpycrab Unfortunately, I can't do something like that yet

    @b_aboon Perhaps there are conflicts with some mods, no one else wrote about a similar problem

    @Felfrags Good idea, I'll think about it

    @aphextwin432 I played with him and found no problem, if I find conflicting files, I will add a compatibility file

    @CanZEd_hl3 In the next version I will make instructions to return taser in Vanilla

    @Dima4887 Thank you, this will be fixed in the update

    @youngdami I have tested something and forgot to remove it, I will correct in the update

    @Forest70599 Thank you, I'll change this in the next update

    @Dima4887 This is true

    @PanBijo You can only install everything at once, I think about making several versions in the future

    @HyperOutz As well as the texture of smoke

    @MrCaravan78 will be fixed in the update

    @EvilTim1911 I will try to do something about it, thank you for finding it

    @Viking aircraft Thank you for finding this, I will correct it in the next update

    @Tixer I also play with this combination, and I agree with you

    @basher_hd @SamPorter In the next update, I will try to fix this

    @Davixw The update will have a new compatibility file

    @AestroCody Thanks for the feedback!

    @Nick4142 @baked beans For this is responsible "<RecoilShakeAmplitude" in "weapons.meta". Turn the value for 0 and the shaking of the screen will completely disappear

    @SMatesz Perhaps you have conflicts with other mods, I did not face such a problem

    @PatrickStar It will be soon

    (Mention does not work.What should I do with it)

    Mở rộng để đọc đầy đủ bình luận
    22 Tháng tám, 2022
  • 74766f 8m4jraxlibi

    @PA_Brito Did you use "Effects Textures" in optional files?

    @GensokyoIsReal Thank you, you were not really long

    @R3Flow If I understand you correctly, then yes, I fixed it

    @illegalchees Thank you for rating. The parameter "<AnimReloadRate" is responsible for this

    @oooper666 Yes, now Heavy sniper mk2 shoots with explosive ammunition, I forgot to indicate this

    02 Tháng năm, 2022
  • 74766f 8m4jraxlibi

    @GJ19964 In the next couple of weeks, I will release the update and you can proceed to work, I joined your discord channel and you can write what exactly you want to discuss. Thank you!

    @R3Flow In fact, I do not really understand how it can interfere with you to see this I had to spend several tests, anyway, I will try to fix it. Thank you for finding failure.

    21 Tháng tư, 2022
  • 74766f 8m4jraxlibi

    @GJ19964 Thanks for the feedback! I use W.E.R.o This is one of those Euphoria mods with which I play, a great mod

    @NightBreak290 everything should be fine, sometimes the game simply breaks down after installing any mod, it can also be a conflict with something, but I didn't come across this and I can't help you, sorry

    @jewsluvcoin Thanks for the feedback, I think about doing something with explosions

    @Mattedious It almost does not affect the damage, but the weapon began to shoot faster and accordingly faster to kill, I think you can use it with deadly weapons

    @R3Flow I did not quite understand, you mean that Rof weapons differ when you are in fall, and when are you standing?

    15 Tháng tư, 2022
  • 74766f 8m4jraxlibi

    @bendi456678 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZVyxP_gGkE&quot;

    @NeonX Some skins are not configured to play from the first person, if this problem is in the original, then it will be in IC. Addons have their own Meta files, my mod does not affect them. You can try to fix it in this tutorial https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/23704/tutorial-correcting-First-Person-Aming-For-Replacement-weapon-mods-detailed-meta-edit-intructions/ 2. Thanks for the feedback!

    @Slick_Nick Vanilla Expanded Dispatch

    01 Tháng ba, 2022
  • 74766f 8m4jraxlibi

    @djukel Change the "FirstPersonScopeFov" parameter for the weapon you need, a value without aiming 53 or 54

    @rockdude93 Install IС after mods on the sound, I made a file for the VED, install it and it will be compatible.

    23 Tháng hai, 2022