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    26 Tháng bảy, 2017
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    30 Tháng sáu, 2017
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    @LeFix OK. But i suggest add menu translation. Otherwise..notifications is chinese but menu is english. not perfect.

    29 Tháng sáu, 2017
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    Fuel Time = 油耗用量
    time in minutes until tank capacity is consumed when consumption is at 100%. visible at the bottom while menu is open = 設置每分鐘耗油量,開啓菜單時底部會顯示耗油百分比

    Refueling = 加油設置
    Realistic = 仿真設定
    Vehicle must stop and it'll take some time to refuel. If disabled it will refuel instantly when vehicle is near of a gas statione = 車輛需要停下來且加油需要時間
    Refuel on Repair = 加油并修理
    GTA Vnatively refuels the tank when vehicle get repaired. set to false the mod will prevent this. = 開啓后加油的時候車輛會得到維修。
    Input = 按鍵設置
    Auto: Automatically refuel if possible. = 自動:自動加油
    Onec:Refuels after pressing input button once. = 單擊:按下按鍵后加油
    hole:Refuels only while holding input button. = 長按:長按按鍵加油

    Navigation = 導航設置
    Shortest Route = 最短路徑
    This will show the route to the nearest gas station when fuel level is critical. It doesn't interfere with existing waypoints. = 當燃料快耗盡時提示最近加油站路徑,不會干預其他導航路徑
    Blips Visible = 加油站標記
    Off:Only closest gas station blip when fuel level is critical. = 關閉:當油量過低時才會顯示附近油站標記
    On:Gas stations blips are always visible. = 打開:一直顯示油站標記
    Auto:Blips are only visible while driving a vehicle. = 自動:衹有駕駛車輛的時候才顯示油站標記

    Money = 費用設置
    Pay for Fuel = 支付加油費
    Toggle if current character's money is used to buy fuel. = 使用現金支付油費
    Gas Price = 燃料價格
    Set gas price per piter. = 每升價格

    Low Fuel = 低油量設置
    Notification = 通知顯示
    Will show a notification when fuel level becomes critical. = 油量過低顯示通知
    Audio Reminder = 聲音提示
    Will play asound as a reminder when fuel level becomes critical. = 油量過低聲音警報
    Audio Interval = 聲音間隔提示
    Will repeat sound with specified time interval in seconds. Zero won't repeat the sound. = 指定隔幾秒后聲音重複提示,0為不重複

    Fuel Bar = 油量條
    Visible = 顯示
    Prints the fuel level on the screen.Provided that player is using a fuel vehicle and player stats Health/Stamina are visible. = 駕駛時顯示當前油量和玩家的 血量/耐力

    Stations = 加油站設置
    Create Station Here = 創建加油站
    Creates a new gas station at current location.Must be 30m away from another gas station. = 當前位置創建一個加油站,需要遠離已有加油站30米遠
    Remove Closest Station = 移除加油站
    Remove nearby gas station.Must be within 30m = 移除30米内的加油站

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    28 Tháng sáu, 2017
  • 41199f pic5wqgob61

    ;Chinese Example

    28 Tháng sáu, 2017
  • 41199f pic5wqgob61
  • 41199f pic5wqgob61

    Thank your share!!!

    26 Tháng sáu, 2017
  • 41199f pic5wqgob61

    me too . sometime will crash ..And can you make a encoding for utf-8 ? if not~ some font display is error when im useing mod

    25 Tháng sáu, 2017
  • 41199f pic5wqgob61
  • 41199f pic5wqgob61

    下次給我國配置一下高端警車,不然你連我五菱宏光的尾燈都看不到 : )

    22 Tháng sáu, 2017