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    @TheFriedturkey Still working on an update? Very detailed mod! Hopefully its still alive!

    24 Tháng tư, 2019
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    @Nelson01023 If you do find another way of doing it just remember to set gta to update only when you play it so it wont automatically update. In Fact that seems to stop it from updating at all.

    11 Tháng hai, 2018
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    @Nelson01023 I had the game installed on 2 different computers that I used to game on. One a laptop, and one my main gaming desktop. Both were connected to my steam account. When GTA updated on my main PC, I had an idea of completely deleting all the contents of GTA from its game folder and copying the contents of GTA from my laptop (which never had the updated version of GTA V) over to my desktop and it ended up working.

    11 Tháng hai, 2018
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    @Dilapidated Any word on a update? I found out how to roll back my GTA version just do I could play with this mod. lol. When it works its fantastic. Really does add a whole lot to the game. Thanks.

    10 Tháng hai, 2018
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    @MAESTRE No Nude Elena? WTF??? ;-)
    But seriously though, if you do that and it looks good I'll send you $50. lol. Great work!

    10 Tháng hai, 2018
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    @Yard1 It does not work right for me after the update.

    22 Tháng mười hai, 2017
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    Yup.... Needs updated. If you updated your game this mod no longer works.

    21 Tháng mười hai, 2017
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    I have a few ideas that could give added suspense to this mod.

    1. After escape with 4 or more stars the police will set up random checkpoints searching vehicles. Looking for you. Changing clothes and a vehicle would help, but still not a sure thing especially not if you get to close! Much how it already is.

    2. Man hunts would ensue in player's last known location, and while you keep successfully escaping them, the area where law enforcement spawns/searches will grow larger and larger until the warrant time has expired. included in this area we could see police arresting innocent NPCs who somewhat match your description, if that's possible. I think that would add a great deal of immersion. Knowing you are the lawbreaker and they are arresting someone who is innocent thinking it's you or what ever reason it may be.

    3. Escaping the military should have a longer warrant, maybe an hour and a half, while military helicopters, humvees, APCs, troops marching on the ground, and fighter jets would be patrolling the skies looking for you. Essentially the city or district of last known location would be under martial law. This would also be cause for a no fly zone of the players last known location that would too expand as time went on. If the player or maybe for excitement, a random/scripted NPC plane or heli would happen to fly in the no fly zone then it would be shot down or if it's the player then automatic 6 stars and jets would attempt to shoot you down. This could also be done without the military option on. Instead of tanks and jets, NOOSE, police, and FIB would just be added in their place with their vehicles and helicopters patrolling the no fly zone.

    4. Also, News helicopters and vehicles! Until the military would be called in. If the player is playing the mod with the military on of course. And once the humvees start rolling down the street, and the troops start marching in... News blackout... for the news crew's own safety, of course... then the news helicopter and vans would back away to a much farther location.

    5. Slower helicopter and fighter jet respawn times. Once you shoot them down there is another there instantly. I find that annoying and unbelievable, but that has always plagued GTA.

    6. And if seeing humvees and tanks rolling down the street does not give a "I am for surely f*ucked now" moment then seeing a Titan or maybe even 2 Titans flying over and Army jumping out parachuting down coming for you, would probably do it in for most. This could literally be like the last thing there would be since there would be so many troops maybe even some bum rushing you would most likely die for sure. It would be like a horde mode. If you survived that then you deserve to walk free. Or if the player has invincibility turned on then, you know, I guess the Titans and troops jumping out would only be for show, but it would still be pretty fun!

    Ok I'm getting crazy here.... I have a lot of fun with this mod. I wish I knew how to make stuff like this, but I don't.... so thank you for making this mod!


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    25 Tháng mười một, 2017
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    Hello! First off this is one of the first mods I have ever installed on GTA V. Just recently I finally learned how to do it. This mod is incredible. Absolutely amazing what you and your team did. Although, I cannot play the game for any longer than maybe 1 hour and 30 minutes maybe 2 hours before the game freezes and crashes, I figured I installed something wrong, but everything was right. And it surprisingly it was not a hard mod to install. Thanks for this mod. I hope you get these problems ironed out. Thanks again. Take care!

    23 Tháng mười một, 2017