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  • 447c90 alpaca sunglasses

    @TheF3nt0n Hello, I am working on an expansion mod for RDE that will add many new features, vehicles and more. One of these features is a brand new reworked News Helicopter dispatch system (for when the player is wanted by the cops), very polished and designed to blend in with the gameplay. I would like to ask if I could use the news liveries from this mod and apply them on a base polmav model that I will include into my mod? I will properly credit you when the mod releases.

    9 ngày trước
  • 447c90 alpaca sunglasses

    Very great mod.
    I managed to find an error within the mission "Stingers" (The Big Score Prep): apparently after successfully losing the cops and acquiring the police van, the mission objective text on the bottom displays what it seems the description of vehicle mod instead of the actual mission objective (most likely it has been replaced by a dlcpack in an unfortunate case of hash conflict).

    07 Tháng năm, 2024
  • 447c90 alpaca sunglasses

    @IDedSecI I am currently working on another project, so I don't think I'll do it.

    16 Tháng hai, 2024
  • 447c90 alpaca sunglasses

    @GucciSosah I am planning to release it bundled together with my new RDE mod. Maybe in the future I'll also release it as standalone.

    10 Tháng hai, 2024
  • 447c90 alpaca sunglasses

    Awesome mod, keep up the good work!

    09 Tháng hai, 2024
  • 447c90 alpaca sunglasses

    @H4Z4RD Unfortunely there is no way to add and map new sounds to already existent weapons (at least to my knowledge). Anyway thanks for the review.

    13 Tháng một, 2024
  • 447c90 alpaca sunglasses

    The best weapon sound mod for GTA V. Only one thing: I suggest you to modify the installer so that the weapon sounds can be installed in the dlc_patch folders instead of dlcpacks folders, it can save a lot of disk space since it doesn't need to make a copy of all the dlc.rpf files. I personally tried to manually install the sounds through dlc_patch and it doesn't seem to be any problems.

    03 Tháng một, 2024
  • 447c90 alpaca sunglasses

    @Wederr123 lssherbuzz2 -> LSSD
    sherbuzz2 -> BCSO
    polbuzz2 -> LSPD

    22 Tháng mười, 2023
  • 447c90 alpaca sunglasses

    Hi, I really like your Police Vacca and Bullet customized vehicles. Can I include them into my mod? Full credits will be given of course.

    25 Tháng chín, 2023
  • 447c90 alpaca sunglasses

    @xxxfuntacionxxx My mod is meant to be something of more complete. For example I added correct police speech scanner for each crime, made that civs will get spooked and report you when you're holding a gun, I also incorporated a "police radar" that will highlight cops when you're not wanted.

    11 Tháng chín, 2023