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  • 46ecd2 ve1youdb 400x400

    @crosire I noticed that when ever I try to delete something I created (using natives), whether it be an Object or Scaleform, the game crashes. Say I create an object or a scaleform the way you would in C++, all is fine. When it comes to deletion, it just crashes the game.

    I hope you guys can fix this because I know for a fact that there is nothing wrong with my code. For what I am doing, I do not want to use the Dot Net methods, I want to use the C++ methods.

    1 ngày trước
  • 46ecd2 ve1youdb 400x400

    @MAFINS Sounds good man.

    As for seperating the tattoos and shirts, you may be able to add a flag to PedOverlays which identifies it as a shirt decal.

    1 ngày trước
  • 46ecd2 ve1youdb 400x400

    @MAFINS It says there are no overlays regardless of what file I use. The file looks different too and only has the latest stuff in it.

    Anyways I was wondering if you could add two things.
    1. When you load an outfit, you can set a flag so it will only clear shirt overlays. Tattoo and hair overlays will remain. I suppose this would seperate the shirt overlays into a separate setting.
    Add an icon.png onto a folder. When you hover over the folder, it shows the icon inside the folder.

    3 ngày trước
  • 46ecd2 ve1youdb 400x400

    @Krlos_Rokr Sounds good man.

    For me, in 4k it seems to not be scaled 100% perfect. It seems to be slightly off. I'm trying to get it to scale so it looks more like the vanilla phone. I'll play around with it more. I think the scaling UI messed it up for me.

    Regarding the money, you should look into the money scripts for GT-MP. They aren't using the real Online money. They are using their own system to draw the text (as I believe it looked like the GTA Online money text, but they added commas.

    Here, I would recommend the SP money be used in with the system.

    Also if it is possible to use the MP money UI, you may be able to assume what the value is by storing it in memory. Maybe have one of the numbers just show the SP money.

    Another option is to forget the MP money UI and have another money value pop up below the SP money value, which can represent your banked money. Of course this value won't be a 32 bit integer, so it can go much higher than 2.17 billion. :D

    4 ngày trước
  • 46ecd2 ve1youdb 400x400

    @Krlos_Rokr So wasn't the Maze Bank money supposed to show your money in the GTA Online style? Cash in green and bank in light green?

    I do like the idea of putting Maze Bank into a different app. I know you kinda had to do that since we don't have a way to have a web browser working, but if you think about it, an app is more realistic. In real life, when I do banking on my phone, I go through the app. I don't open their website in a browser like you do in GTA Online. For the app, you may be able to get the ATM GUI from GTA Online to make it feel like you are using an app.

    Also, I hope you take up my idea with using LB + RB to cycle pages. Sometimes I can trigger the iMenu when I don't mean to. Using LB + RB will allow it to feel like you are swiping pages, making it feel like a real phone. This is something I wish the vanilla phone had and it definitely will blur the line between iMenu and the vanilla phone. I also hope that you figure out a way to make the phone gui show up on the 3D phone too.

    There is a lot of potential in this script. Not just modding potential, but GTA 6 development influencing potential. It has bugs, like lining things up (the customization GUI doesn't work very well), but what you already have accomplished is very impressive. I know that once more work is put into this, it will become a massive enhancement to this game, and it will make the in game phone without the mod look crude.

    4 ngày trước
  • 46ecd2 ve1youdb 400x400

    @Krlos_Rokr Why does the Maze Bank app charge you $10 every hour?
    If my bank did that in real life, I wouldn't put money in there.

    5 ngày trước
  • 46ecd2 ve1youdb 400x400

    @MAFINS The new Menyoo seems to work nicely. But I am wondering what happened with the PedDecalOverlays file. It seems to have a different format, and only has tattoos from the Doomesday Heist update.

    Can I insert the data from the old file to get the previous overlays?

    5 ngày trước
  • 46ecd2 ve1youdb 400x400

    @Krlos_Rokr So you can't use the native apps due to button conflict? I hope that you find a work around for that.

    Also for the Watch Dogs phone idea, you would still keep it the GTA size. The weather feature would take up a few icon slots.

    5 ngày trước
  • 46ecd2 ve1youdb 400x400

    @Krlos_Rokr This is a neat concept. I really like the ability to bind mod keys to an app. Hopefully this means I can clear up some of the key binds on my key board so when I type, I am not triggering a bunch of mod functions.

    Some additional ideas to improve it further:
    -Make it consistent with the phone the player has. IE: the style of the icons, the audio, the background, etc... This way you will feel like you are still using the iFruit OS, Drone OS, or what ever Trevor's Windows Phone parody is. Right now it feels like you are using a different phone.
    -Instead of going to the apps page via pressing down by the internet icon, make it so you can press LB and RB to change pages. This way you will have the vanilla page, then you will have more pages on the phone. It will definitely feel like the vanilla page and the mod page are the same phone, that you swipe left/right like on a real phone.
    -There are several hacking mini games you can play in story mode missions, as well as ones added in GTA Online from several updates. It would be cool if these were added.
    -In GTA Online, you can set your crew emblem as your background. It would be really cool if that could be done here too. However you probably would need to have your own theme app. But I have a feeling that it should be possible to change the background on the phone.
    -Have you played Watch Dogs 2? They definitely hit the nail on the head in that game for improving the in game smart phone. One screen has a weather widget, and shows you the temperature, and weather. They also had an app store where you can buy apps. It would be cool if you had this. You would unlock an app by "downloading" it.
    -On foot radio. Basically this app would enable the on foot radio feature, and you can bring up the radio wheel while on foot.
    -Phone audio fix. When you aren't playing as a SP character, you have an iFruit phone, but the sounds are all wrong. I think this should be possible to fix. In GTA Online, the notification sounds and ring sounds match the pagerish sound Rockstar has. It is only the menu navigation that sounds like an iFruit phone. In fact, I had my game glitch in Online twice where my phone navigation had the beep pager sound. So its possible that Rockstar is manipulating something in Online to change the navigation sounds.
    -Would it be possible to have a contact list app. This app would house contacts like the Mechanic from SPA.

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  • 46ecd2 ve1youdb 400x400

    Who here has crashed into something because their eyes wandered onto the beauty of this car?

    @Zievs Seriously, great job man!

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