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Toyota Mark II JZX100 [Add-On | Tuning | Template] 1.4b



-Kept private for a while because this model was originally leaked. Releasing now because I got permission to release it from the creator.

Questions, Comments, Inquiries - Discord: cereal 7777

Base Model: Stanislov Ivanov
Main Works: cereal
Liveries: bushidoracer, cereal, and sutairuarchivd
Bodykit(s): Stanislov Ivanov
[If you are the owner of any of the parts used here and would like credit
please contact me. Thanks.]
Screens: cereal, knight

Bugs: NO LODS (lol), Lights and
Glass related materials may smudge if you have motion blur mods installed
(VisualV .asi blur script and/or timecycle related I think), weird burn area, weird
lighting on gaugecluster

11 Spoilers
9 Front Bumpers
5 Rear Bumpers
5 Sideskirts
10 Exhausts
1 Rollcage
5 Grilles
1 Hood
3 Front Fenders
3 Rear Fenders
1 Roof Spoilers
10 Plates
1 Center Console
4 Interior Instrument Options
1 Interior Trim Options
2 Trunk Options
Stripped Interior
2 Corner Light Options
2 Trunk Options
21 Seats
12 Steeringwheels
1 Eyelid
1 Set of Headlights
6 Floormats
LED Taillights
5 Liveries plus 3 Slots for more liveries
Basically all Vanilla car features and stuff
Livery Mapping
Dirt Mapping
HQ Model
All Tuning Parts are Named
Template (Link in DL)


1.0 - Initial Release

1.1 - Added drift handling as an option, 3 new livery slots for user made liveries. Template has added backing to prevent bugs as well as instructions added.

1.2 - Fixed typo in handling.meta that caused an array of bugs. Fixed failure
of exhaust dummy replacement.

1.3 - Experimental fix on bonnet to make sure it appears in Rockstar Editor. Did a check on collisions. They work. lol

1.3b - Fixed handling again. Sorry not sorry

1.4 - Uhh I changed the lights ID's hopefully you can see them now. Increased tire width for those in FiveM that don't have a script that can do that. Also, tried another fix on the bonnet so it can m i g h t appear in R* editor. Also fixed the stock exhaust pipe not disappearing when I tell it to.

1.4b - Fixed grille issue.
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Tải lên lần đầu: 11 Tháng mười, 2018
Cập nhật lần cuối: 06 Tháng tám, 2019
Last Downloaded: 3 phút trước

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