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Peugeot 206 GTi [Add-On | Tuning | OIV] FINAL


Peugeot 206 GTi

Peugeot 206 GTi by AlperB (Replace)

Please do not reupload my Mods without my permission!

Patch your Gameconfig! For everyone works another Patched Gameconfig

Add-On Maker: CSQ574
Model: Juiced 2
Edit & Convert: AlperB
Tuning-Parts: AlperB
Tuning-Parts Fixer: darewnoo
New Tuning-Parts: darewnoo
Better Add-On Settings: ahmeda1999
Screenshots: RkrdM & CSQ574

OIV Installation
In Game Car Name
In Game Tuning Part Names
2 Bonnet Tuning
2 Front Bumper Tuning
1 Rear Bumper Tuning
4 Exhaust Tuning
3 Roof Tuning
1 Skirt Tuning
6 Wing Tuning
Unique Real Handling

OIV Installation
1. Start OpenIV
2. Click on Tools
3. Click Package Installer
4. Search the OIV File in my Folder
5. Click on it
6. Click Install
7. Select "mods" folder

How to Spawn
Peugeot 206 GTi spawns by "206"

1.0: First release
1.1: Sound Fix
2.0: Added tuning parts (with bugs)
2.1 Tuning-Part bugs fix by darewnoo
2.2: Front bumper fix by darewnoo
3.0: Added some new tuning parts
3.1: Added an Two small exhausts
4.0: Some fixes by ahmeda1999
- Added better first person view
- Fixed the car's name appearance (Car's name will appear in LSC and when you enter the car)
- Edited some performance tunings
- Changed the car's sound to better one
5.0: - Added OIV Install by CSQ574
5.1: - Forget in the new update ahmeda1999´s fixes now added
5.2: - 2 New Roof Tuning
5.3: - 1 New Roof Tuning and 4 New Wings
5.4 - Some Fixes
FINAL (6.0) - OIV Fix

Thanks to all who helped me with this mod! Thank you! The community is great!

A special thank you goes to darewnoo he have worked for hours on this mod.

We are working hard to introduce you to something perfect!

Another good work:
Peugeot 206 Lopi Bodykit
Check it out!

© CSQ574
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