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Vapid Riata CTX [Add-On / FiveM] FINAL


Vapid Riata CTX (Tribute)

Merry Christmas Everyone! If you have ever wondered what a "Stock" Riata looks like, well, this is the wrong place, this is one of those thoughts Projects you pour your Heart and Soul into for Yourself and decide to just go absolutely batshit insane!!

Inspired By the Beloved YDROP Member (Ydro)'s Mind Boggling Insanity (Next bit is a few words to Ydro I want to leave) "I know its been a few months, May you Rest Easy Ydro, I always said I would make a "X-Series" Level Car, I'd like to think this was moreso a Mini-X Series Entry Car, I have made this using Parts from your Work, and my own, Hope you're watchin, I'll try my best to honor you with this and my work in the future ❤️"

Your game must be updated to AT LEAST The Chop Shop (mp2023_02) for this mod to work correctly.

FiveM And SP Installation in download

Spawn name: gstriata1


Vapid Riata Bodyshell Cut at a halfway Point
Full Chassis - Primary
Full Rollcage - Dashboard Color
Entire 3D Suspension Setup
Twin Turbo V8
Custom Intercooler Piping
Custom Race Interior
DRL's - Interior Color

**THIS MOD WILL NOT BE PUBLICLY UPDATED AFTER TODAY** (This Project was made as a Tribute to a Member of the Community who passed in October, They were a close friend of mine, and many others, and I wanted to honor their work like I always said I would try to do for them if I ever did something on the level they did, and that time has come, it may have came in a sad form, but I made this Project to honor all the insane work they did over their Modding Years, and I want that to be known! Rest Easy Ydro "A Forever Legacy" ❤️

Known Bugs:

Hands not on Wheel
You can walk in the rear bed section


YDROP Member (Ydro) - Being a Inspiration and Leader in the Insane Tuning + Model Detail Possibilities for Lore Modding | + Assets / Parts from the Tampa X Mod' (Rest Easy Buddy)
GOM - Modeling, Editing, Converting, Description
Eddlm - Handling
kare_suzuka - SP Addon + Testing
Swarex - Bug Finding
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