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Realistic Ballistics 1.0


Realistic Ballistics ver 1.0

now all normal peds die when you shoot them 1-2 times in the chest with a 9mm bullet and once with 5.56 and 7.62 . Adds more realistic ballistics. nerve gas actually kills now and deagle is pretty much a one shot (like in real life).Military , swat ,and merryweather now are all equipped with armor and require more shots to kill than police without armor. if you would like to add more realism to the game add this mod that reduced health to realistic levels https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/realistic-health-hardcore .

--New in 1.0--

---Cops without body armor take 1-2 shots with 5.56 to the chest, and one 7.62

--Cops with body armor now take 2-3 shots of 5.56 to the chest and 1-2 9mm

---Military, marryweather and swat now take 3-5 shots with 5.56 to the chest and 4-6 shots with 9mm and 1 shot with 7.62 (rarely two)

-Civilians are always instant knockout and die with one or two 9mm to the chest

--Improved realism for when they enter last stand

--How to install:
1. Extract the archive.
2. Run OpenIV and open common.rpf
3. Open the "data" folder.
4. Right-click on the pedhealth.meta file and select "replace".
5. Choose the extracted file.

--known problems--
*messes with healthbar sometimes
*report others?

-- upcoming versions --

weapon ballistic and realism overhaul , closer to arma or other sim shooter
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