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SH8 (ReShade preset) 2.2.3


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▰ Update to 2.2.3 - Compatible to ReShade 1.0
▰ Update to 2.2.2 - Brightness and performance increased
▰ New Color Scheme: Vigo
▰ New Color Scheme: Overhead
▰ Fixed AL Issue that caused FPS drop
▰ Fixed Sky Issues in 2.1
▰ New Picnic Color Scheme is Live!
See for yourself in this YouTube Video.
Comparison Screenshots
Interactive Comparison Screenshots
SH8 2.0 is Live!


SH8 for GTA V uses the latest advantages of ReShade to create a unique look. It increases the contrast adaptive to the injected Ambient Light which adds an intense mood to the already beautiful game. With SH8 I build a platform for future customization of the color set up without the need to get into the configuration files. You are able create your own look and insert it right into the game via the LUT feature of ReShade.

Also you can pick a new look from the gallery.

For more Information you can visit my project page: sh8.videopilot.link.


How to Install

  1. Get the latest ReShade Version of "Framework (Running on ReShade)" at http://reshade.me/.
    Copy the following items from the download in your main game directory where the game.exe is located.

    ReShade Folder

    Now you have ReShade in your main Game folder.
  2. Open the folder called ReShade and copy the content over from the SH8 2.1 zip file you´ve downloaded here.
    It should replace the .cfg files and also ask to integrate the CustomFX Folder.
    Confirm all that.
  3. Rename ReShade64.dll to d3d9.dll


Now you can start the game and enjoy ReShade with SH8 2.1!

I recommend to set brightness to 45%. But tastes are different of course.


F11 toggles the Ambient Light Effect and F12 the Color Scheme on and off.



The ReShade Team: Crosire - Ceejkay.dk - Marty McFly - Ioxa - JPulowski - LuciferHawk


  • Comparison Screenshots
  • Color Scheme Gallery

  • NVidia users please make sure you got the FULL RGB MODE enabled. You can find that option in the NVidia Control Panel. It may be in the "Change Resolution" section if it is missing.
    If you haven´t the option anywhere you can find help in this thread to get FULL RGB.
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