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Ballistic / Juggernaut Mod [LUA] Version 6.0


► Important! ◄
This was tested on the latest original copy of GTA V Steam version v1.0.1365.1 released on March 20th 2018 it works 100% fine and it will continue to work with the up coming updates as long as ScripthookV keeps being updated, please read carefully how this mod works before complaining about that doesn't work.

If you find something wrong or you have any suggestions, please leave in the comment section with hashtag @MrReese The script creator AltSierra117
This LUA Script enables the Ballistic Equipment used in the mission "The Paleto Score", "Director Mode" and "GTA Online Freemode" released in the latest update GunRunning.

How does the mod work? It's simple.

The mod is scripted for Michael, Franklin, Trevor, Gunman and Multiplayer characters male and female, but Franklin's juggernaut clothes weren't finished so you will need to install those.
If you select other character the script will not work due to player model checks.

To install the Franklin's clothes follow the next steps Installation Video Guide
→ copy x64v.rpf to your Mods folder, or if you do not have mods folder, you can edit the original RPF file but remember to make a backup!

→ execute OpenIV;

→ Add/replace 'p_head_018.ydd' and 'p_head_diff_018_a.ytd' to mods\x64v.rpf\models\cdimages\streamedpedprops.rpf\player_one_p

→ Add/replace 'lowr_012_u.ydd' 'lowr_diff_012_a_uni.ytd' 'uppr_020_u.ydd' and 'uppr_diff_020_a_uni.ytd' to mods\x64v.rpf\models\cdimages\streamedpeds_players.rpf\player_one

Keyboard and Controller buttons conflict together because the game "actions" are used for these inputs, so I had to make separated scripts for Keyboard usage only, Controller usage only or both Keyboard and Controller.

If you play with Keyboard only, use the script that's inside the folder "Keyboard", if you play with Controller use the one inside the folder "Controller" or if you prefer to use Keyboard and Controller use the script inside "Keyboard + Controller".

While playing with Michael, Franklin, Trevor, Gunman or Multiplayer characters:
→ press Numpad 1 or X360 A + Left D-pad to enable the Ballistic Equipment;
→ press Numpad 3 or X360 A + Right D-pad to disable the Ballistic Equipment;

↓(This is optional)↓
You can now add/remove weapons to player, this will add GunRunning crafted weapons:
→ press Numpad 7 or X360 Y + Left D-pad to add GunRunning Weapons;
→ press Numpad 9 or X360 Y + Right D-pad to remove all weapons;

↓(This is optional)↓
To add armour to the player simply:
→ press Numpad + or X360 X + Left D-pad to add armour;

↓(This is optional)↓
Add the duffel bag (doesn't work with Multiplayer Characters):
→ press Numpad - to wear the duffel bag;

↓(This is optional)↓
You can also choose between two masks which the default selected is the unused main mask, the other one was used in the Beta stages:
→ press End to change to Beta mask;
→ press Numpad 1 to use the default mask.

↓(This is optional)↓
There are three ballistic weapon animations that can be used for any character:
→ press Page Up to enable main ballistic weapon animation;
→ press Page Down to enable secondary ballistic weapon animation;
→ press Numpad / to enable ballistic weapon animation for non-juggernaut suits;
→ press Numpad * to use default weapon animation.

Hope you enjoy.
Known bugs:
→ While on foot, if player uses Keyboard key X with A or D it enables and disables the script.
This is unavoidable because the values don't necessarily equal a controller button.
Instead they equal certain "actions" like jumping or sprinting.
► Version 6.0 changes made ◄
→ Better player damage resistance mechanism which is more similar to GTA Online Freemode;
→ Added hotkeys to remove all weapons and give GunRunning crafted ones;
→ Juggernaut suits can now wear a duffel bag if player decides to add;
→ Player can no longer jump while using the ballistic equipment;
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