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Law Enforcement Jurisdiction Script - RPH 0.41+


Hello everyone, I’m pleased and very excited to introduce the “Law Enforcement Jurisdiction Script” or L.E.J.S. for short. The script was designed and outlined as a team project between Albo1125 and myself. This script was designed in-mind to give the end-user more control over the policing powers within GTA V. By allowing most, if not all, the functionality of governing which departments have jurisdictions over what parts of Los Santos. With this script you’ll have the power on setting up which areas of patrols… what particular vehicles are in use… what particular Law Enforcement Officers are in use... are they stationed or patrolling… what time of (day or night)… and much-much more.

Special Thanks
Thanks EVI for being the original beta tester and bouncing future ideas off us.
Thanks c13, BroCop and Dilapidated on assisting in the second wave of beta testing.
Thank you AlexGuirre for the Zones enum-related stuff.

Police Jurisdiction
Police jurisdiction refers to the legal authority for police to enforce laws and the specific geographical area in which this authority exists. Police officers generally have jurisdiction to enforce the laws of a local geographic area or the entire state in which they serve. By contrast, federal officers, such as FBI agents, carry out the enforcement of federal laws throughout the entire country.

Jurisdictions and Policing Possibilities
Border and Customs Enforcement.
Wildlife and Game Enforcement.
City, State and Federal Buildings Patrols.
County Roads, Freeways, Highways and Byways Patrols.
Road Construction Assistance and Enforcement.
Railroads and Train Yards Patrols.
Subways and Trollies Patrols.
Airport Policing and Security Enforcement.
Marina, Beach and Shipyard Patrols.
Coast Guard Patrols.
Public and Private Property Security Patrol.
Or any other area of Law Enforcement and Security that you can think of.

L.E.J.S. allows the end-user to customize their needs within the .INI file (example below), by giving the end-user certain key variables on achieving their goals. The script will be an ongoing project (add-ons, updates, tweaking, etc…) that will give the end-user even more control over time.

Law Enforcement Jurisdiction Script is coded by Albo1125 (aka The Great OZ).
Cee Montana (aka Nutt) is the owner of the Law Enforcement Jurisdiction Script.

You cannot upload or redistribute the Law Enforcement Jurisdiction Script without the explicit written permission of Cee Montana (Nutt).

Q&A Time
Q. Is there a tutorial on getting started?
A. Yes. Please see the awesome tutorial video by Albo in the video section. Also, the first time you execute the LEJS Editor - it will automatically link you with the tutorial video. Don’t worry, it’s only a onetime measure on cutting down on some of the learning curve questions. Lastly, the Editor may require the “run anyway” elevated permissions for the first time depending on your OS.

Q. How many Jurisdictions Patrol Profiles can I create within the .INI file?
A. Creating jurisdiction profiles are limitless. That being said, I would personally suggest on keeping each jurisdiction area or zone, vehicle count under twenty-five (25). Especially if you’re using non-vanilla vehicles and a large activation boundary. In other words: You can have hundreds and hundreds of patrol spots… just keep each jurisdiction or area under twenty-five (25) vehicles if possible.

Q. Can the user create jurisdictions and patrol points all across Los Santos?
A. Yes.

Q. Can the user create sea and air support jurisdictions points?
A. Yes. If you’re creating custom air-support and/or sea-support jurisdictions… you can gather coordinates by using a simple trainer or enhanced trainer “airbrake” feature during gameplay, then saving the coordinates data via RHA console command “SaveLEJSLocationInfo MyLocationName”.

Q. How accurate are the Jurisdictions and patrolling setups?
A. The script is very accurate to what the .INI file is setup to do (by you). The x, y, z coordinates, heading coordinates and the area of patrol size, are very important key components on giving the user as much control and accuracy on creating believable jurisdictions patrols.

Q. What is the difference between selecting a “Custom” and “Zone” jurisdiction setup?
A. Custom setups gives the user more options (control) for specific needs and accuracy… while Zone setups gives the user immediate selections (over 90 zones) on getting patrols setup quickly - without the needed coordinates data.

Q. Can I create “Custom” and “Zone” setups within the same jurisdiction?
A. Yes.

Q. Is there a default .INI (prebuilt) contained in the download?
A. Yes. A few patrol points on getting you started.

Q. Can I use custom and/or renamed patrol vehicles?
A. Yes.

Q. Can I use civilian cars?
A. Yes. If it has wheels, wings and it floats - you can use it.

Q. Do the LEJS Officers react to crimes?
A. Yes and No. Officers will react to Michael’s, Trevor’s and Franklin’s crimes - not surrounding crimes (gangbangers, fights, etc…). We’re working on the latter part… so stay tuned for updates.

Q. The Officers that are patrolling - do they roam away from their areas of assignments?
A. No. As long as the user sets the correct “area of patrol size” and/or other boundaries within the .INI file… the patrolling Officers will stay within their jurisdiction scope.

Q. Will Officers leave their Jurisdictions during a commission of crime?
A. Yes. But we’re looking into giving the user the option on “not allowing pursuits beyond the set jurisdiction scope”.

Q. How do I get the axis x, y, z, and heading coordinates for my particular custom patrol needs?
A. LEJS has a custom console command “SaveLEJSLocationInfo MyLocationName” which allows you to easily save your location information in the required format of LEJS's INI file.

Q. Will there be a thread on sharing locations and coordinates?
A. Sure will. I figured some end-users may-not want to go through the hassle of plugging in data. So there will be a thread where users can share their Jurisdiction setups and/or patrolling spots (with photos) – so that others can decide if its fits their needs.

Q. How stable is the script?
A. No major problems to report.

Q. How can I edit the .INI file?
A. The nice and simplistic .INI Editor of course!

Q. Key features?
A. Most of the key features can be viewed from the .INI Editor. However, I believe the master viewing mode (F3 Key by default) is quite impressive. You can verify the areas of patrols that you created (per immediate surrounding area), and modify them later based on your observation. And if you set the blip feature (per car) within the .INI file, you’ll see the vehicles in real-time (especially the vehicles that are set to patrol) doing their job within the area of scope that you set.

Q. What are the red, green and yellow blips in the master viewing mode (F3)?
A. If enabled in the .INI file (per vehicle), the master viewing mode lets the user know which vehicles are stationed (red), which ones are patrolling (green) and which ones are zoned spawned (yellow).

Q. How do I reload the script if it stops working completely?
A. Bring up the Rage Plugin Console. First, if necessary, unload the plugin by typing UnloadPlugin “Law Enforcement Jurisdiction Script.dll” and pressing enter. You can then reload it by typing LoadPlugin “Law Enforcement Jurisdiction Script.dll” and pressing enter.

Q. Can I easily make changes to the INI file while in game?
A. Absolutely! When you’re in master viewing mode (F3), you can reload the values from the INI file by pressing F5 (default). You will see the changes you made are immediately reflected by the master viewing mode for easy editing and perfecting your jurisdictions.

Tutorial Video:

Other Videos:

-Added 'Random' to ambient events.
-Added 'Ambient Event Chance' field.
-Tweaked pursuit ambient event slightly.
-Reworked the processor architecture target to x64 only.
-Removed various debugging symbols.
-Reworked the pullover ambient event.
-Fixed an issue where the suspect entities were not appearing/disappearing properly.
-Fixed issues with the pursuit ambient event.
-Pullover ambient event implemented into custom jurisdiction setups. (Zoned setups won't work with pullovers.)
-Improved suspect entity cleanup.
-Fixed errors thrown when setting zoned jurisdictions to pursuit.
-If SirenActive is true, siren is now also no longer silent during pursuits.
-Multiple zone names per zoned jurisdiction.
-Added 'writing' ambient action.
-Option of just spawning a parked vehicle without the need for an officer.
-Added the 'ambient event' field for both zoned & custom jurisdictions.
-Added 'Pursuit', 'Pullover' and 'None' to the ambient event options.
-Officers responding to other crimes is still WIP.
-Various code & performance optimizations.

Redone Zone Names
Added field for ambient event.
Added writing option.
Altered some of the layout behind the scenes code.

Hello Everyone,

Quite a few new features were added to the latest LEJS file, since the version. As you can see from the change log a few versions (0.5, 0.5.1 and 0.6) were not released do to quality testing and making sure the release candidate is in good working order.

• The newest release contains options for selecting multiple zones at the same time, when creating patrol points… without the need for creating repeated layouts on covering particular area(s).
• There are two new vehicle ambient features for patrolling cars. Patrol and Pursuit for Zoned created patrols and Patrol and Pullover for Custom created patrols. Both ambient events have options for Random and Chance on allowing a more realistic approach. More vehicle ambient features coming soon…
• New writing ambient action for law enforcement peds.
-Added the option to keep vehicles clean.
-Added the option to keep vehicles undamaged (invincible).
-Added functionality to keep a vehicle cosmetically undamaged within the invincible option.
-Added option on making emergency vehicles adhere to the same street and/or highway system originally spawned at (allows for better highway patrols etc.)
-Added ambient Binoculars feature.
-Improved AI driving habits.

-Added fields for clean vehicles and invincible vehicles.
-Added Binoculars to the ambient action dropdown lists.
-Some behind the scenes optimizations.

- Updated for GTAV 1.0.944.2 and RPH 0.49.
- Still works with RPH 0.41 and higher.
- Various adjustments made to improve performance and stability on the new RPH & GTA.
- Some slight changes in how the plugin is loaded/unloaded.
- Fixed a problem that prevented the console command from working.
-Various optimization work for the new RPH 0.37 and GTA 1.0.678.1.
-RPH 0.37 is now required.
-Added the ability to customize weapon and equipped per officer.
-Added ambient actions for officers! Customizable per officer!
-Helicopters can maneuver about! Please use custom setup (not zoned) when setting up Helicopter patrol. It requires patrol coverage size, which is only available for custom setups.
-Thank you Dilapidated for the HELI_MISSION native use.
-Improved zone and road adherence spawns.
-Fixed other coded related issues.

-Added fields for all the new options.
-Fixed a rare issue where INI files were being deleted when saving.
-Fixed a rare issue where entries were not being written properly.
-Editor checks for file writing permission.

LEJS Update:
Compiled against RageHookPlugin v36 (Rockstar latest patch 617.1).
Still compatible with RageHookPlugin v34.


LEJS Updates and Fixes:
-Added an optional spawn-chance for custom jurisdictions.
-Added a notice saying to copy over saved values precisely to the location saver.
-Added a differently working optional spawn-chance for zoned jurisdictions.
-Fixed an issue where certain ped models could not be used in jurisdictions.
-Fixed an issue with reading the INI values.
-Fixed an issue where master viewing mode wasn't working as intended.
-Improved the driving styles of the jurisdiction officers.
-Zoned jurisdiction spawns should be more reliable.
-Automatically detects if the in-game date and time are invalid and adjusts it accordingly.
-Optimized performance in various areas.
-Improved air patrol AI slightly.
- Older .INI files will still work with

INI FILE EDITOR Updates and Fixes:
-Added the spawn-chance field.
-Fixed an issue where other jurisdictions were affected when deleting or overwriting a jurisdiction.
-Fixed some other minor issues and hiccups.
-Automatically checks for updates upon startup.
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