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Realistic Vehicle Controls LUA (in-game menu + hotkeys) 1.3.1


This mod adds cruise control, auto-drive to waypoint, auto-patrol, configurable vehicle control hotkeys, in-game menu and many more vehicle options.

  • Ingame menu and configurable Hotkeys
  • Auto-Drive to waypoint (AI will try to follow the traffic code, press "W, S or Space" to disengage)
  • Auto-Patrol the area (AI will randomly drive the vehicle around, following the fraffic code)
  • Toggle Cruise Control at any speed
  • Leave vehicle GTA4 style; "F" to leave with engine on, Hold "F" to leave with engine off
  • Toggle Engine, Indicator lights, Brake lights, Interior Lights
  • Toggle All Vehicle Lights (with engine still on)
  • Open/Close All Doors, Hood and Trunk Incrementally
  • Open and Close Windows
  • Blip Police Siren (without turning it on)
  • Skip Current Radio Song
  • Clean Vehicle
  • Fix Vehicle Tyres
  • Fix Vehicle
  • Turn on/off ingame mod menu notifications

  1. Install Script Hook V
  2. Install LUA Plugin for Script Hook V
  3. Unpack all mod files inside your GTAV directory and overwrite if asked.

Default Menu Controls:
F3 or / (numpad divide) - Show/Close mod menu
Backspace - Hide mod menu
Numpad 8 - Scroll Up
Numpad 2 - Scroll Down
Numpad 5 OR Space - Select mod menu option

Default Hotkeys:
F to leave vehicle with engine on by default
Hold "F" OR "Ctrl+F" to leave vehicle with engine off
Shift+W to auto drive to waypoint
Shift+X to toggle auto patrol mode
Ctrl+W to toggle cruise control
Ctrl+X to toggle engine
Ctrl+A to toggle left indicator
Ctrl+D to toggle right indicator
Ctrl+S to toggle emergency lights
Shift+S to toggle brake lights
Ctrl+Z blip police siren (cop cars only)
+ to skip current radio song
hold "open door" buttons to open doors incrementally, press it again to close them


  • Auto-Drive to waypoint (AI will try to follow all traffic code, press "W,S or Space" to disengage)
  • Auto-Patrol the area (AI will randomly drive the vehicle around, following the fraffic code)
  • You can now open and close all individual car doors
  • New Mod Menu design and navigation improvements
  • Mod menu bug fixes and new notification options
  • Turn Indicators and Emergency Lights improvements
  • Hotkeys: "F3" or "/" (numpad divide) to toggle open/close mod menu, backspace also works for closing the menu
  • Hotkeys: You can now activate mod menu options with "Space" OR "NumPad 5"
  • Hotkeys: Hold "F" to exit with vehicle engine off GTA4 style (alternative to Ctrl+F)
  • Hotkeys: "Ctrl+S" is now Emergency Lights, "Shift+S" Brake Lights
  • Hotkeys: "Shift+X" for Auto Patrol mode
  • Hotkeys: "Shift+W" for Auto Drive to waypoint

  • New hotkey "+" for skipping radio songs
  • New hotkey "Shift+S" for emergency lights
  • Cruise Control is now smoother
  • Cruise Control should now disengage when wehicle is flying or at slow speeds/crashing
  • Lights no longer flicker when exiting vehicles or in cruise mode
  • New - Toggle Brake Lights as always on or always on when stationary
  • Make sure to overwrite all files when updating to new version
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