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Car Advanced Script - w/Source Code 1.0.2


Simple Turn Light Script - Source Code

Turn Lights, Signals, Engine on/off and more!
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Ver. 1.0.2 - New Things!
- Added Menu with settings
- Make Your Car Turn ON when you are 5 meters near car or Turn OFF when you are more than 5 meters from car
- Turn car ON/OFF from pilot.

(Watch the second video at the top if you wanna See how this works)

New Features
- Control Your Car when you are not in this car.
- Turn ON/OFF Turn Signals or Emergency Signals in car.
- Turn ON Your car when You are 5 meters near car. (In 8 p.m - 6 a.m turn Lights too) (AutoStart in Menu)
- Turn OFF Your car when You are more than 5 meters away. (AutoStart in Menu)
- Open/Close car Door's with "Remote Pilot" (works only when you are not in car!)
- Smooth Start (Car start slower - the tires do not slip when moving away)
- Brake Light it's turn ON when you are not moving (Maybe you stop on the Lights :) )

More Features:
When You are in car
-Turn on/off Left Signal (NumPad 1)
-Turn on/off Right Signal (NumPad 3)
-Turn on/off Both Signals (NumPad 2)
-Turn on/off Lights (NumPad 5)
-Turn on/off Engine (NumPad 6)

When you are not in your car
- NumPad 2 - Open/Close Trunk
- NumPad 4 - Open/Close Left Door's
- NumPad 5 - Turn ON/OFF Sirens (If available in ex. Police Car)
- NumPad 6 - Open/Close Right Door's
- NumPad 8 - Open/Close Hood

- F10 - Open Menu

RemotePilot - You must turn this ON in menu.
- ] - Turn ON/OFF Your car when you are in 15 meters from Your car. (In 8 p.m - 6 a.m turn Lights too)

Copy TurnSignals.dll to example (C:/Program Files/Steam/steamapps/common/Grand Theft Auto V/scripts) if you don't have this folder - create.

Source Code


Short videos how this works
1.0.0 - 1.0.1 https://bit.ly/3chAW17
1.0.2 https://bit.ly/3ewHLhg

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