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Uber Driver Mod [Update Soon] 0.3.1a


NEW: The next update is almost complete! Just ironing out the last few bugs and finishing up features. Introducing "The Overhaul Update." Coming soon. :)

Some exciting news! The next version release 1.0 is in development. Alpha releases are no more! Many bugs have been fixed, the payout system has been revamped, and much more. I'm very excited to share this new version when it's complete very soon.

Please report any bugs in the GitHub Repo.

A total revamp of the previous Uber Driver Mod.

What's new?
The entire mod has been written from scratch. Including a whole new driving system, levelling system, enhanced UI and more.

A mission to drive peds around the map, rating and levelling system, 80+ drop-off locations.

Requirements (Dependencies):
LemonUI (SHVDN3)
ScriptHookV and ScriptHookVDotNet

Extract the zip file (UberDriver.dll, UberDriver.ini and UberDriver Folder) into your scripts folder. Check the mod photos/videos for a step-by-step installation.

How to Use:
Use F6 to open the menu. Most controls are customizable in the .ini file.

Known bugs: Fleeing passengers upon pickup, minimap stops rotating during an active job

NOTICE: Peds spawning in the middle of the street where no sidewalk is available is normal.


  • 0.3.1a: Allowed passengers to enter any available seat, fixed script crashing if you exit your vehicle during a ride, fixed levelling up when the ride is cancelled/when an error message is thrown.
  • 0.3a: Fixed job timer not resetting.
  • 0.2a: Fixed being not able to start a job. Made the UI more user-friendly, eliminated some FPS issues, adjusted payouts to be more realistic, fixed rating always being 5/5.
  • 0.1a (Fixed): Fixed the busy area cooldown.

For any more information, check the GitHub page.
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