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MOM Launcher (Improve performance and more) 3.5.19617


[What is this?]
This is a custom Launcher that help you to improve the P.P. (Performance Process) when the game is running.
And have other usefully functions like: Mod manager, Self Radio (Custom music handler), Easy modify of the 'settings.xml' file and other that will come in the next future updates!

[How to use this?]
To use my tool, first you need to install (If you don't have) .NET Framework 4.5.2.
You found more information about the P.P. inside the How to use.txt file!

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[!!! -IMPORTANT- !!!]
The last version of this launcher was developed on the v1.0.678.1 of GTA V!


●Added: New 'Update window' when a new update is available
●Minor fix: Fixed some glitches

●Added: If the game is already running, MOM will ask you if you want to launch a new 'GTA5.exe' process or not
●Bug fix: (RAM Cleaner) Fixed a problem with the 'Cortana' process
●Minor fix: Fixed a glitch with the "Launch Game" button

●Added: New processes to the 'RAM Cleaner' tab
Only for Windows 8 and 10!
This services hard work on your HDD and RAM. So killing this two services you will gave some major fps and the textures will load a bit faster
{N.B}: To disable cortana, MOM will create a "debugselfKillCortana" batch file. So if you see a cmd prompt is the batch file running
[!!!]: If you have an old 'self.xml' file from a old version of MOM delete this file and re-launch MOM.
●Improved: Now the Mod Manager work with "mods" (.rpf file)
●Improved: The Mod(s) file path : '\' is for the main GTA V directory. Scripts folder example : "\scripts\"
●Improved: If you launch MOM for the first time she will ask you to choose your GTA V directory
●Improved: Some minor things
●Bug fix: When press "Launch Game" the controls in "Mod Manager" tab still remain active
●Bug fix (partial): A font glitch for high DPI screen

●Added: Mod Manager
[Supported mods list:
[The disabled mod(s) are stored in "YOUR_GTA_V_DIRECTORY\[MOM Launcher Mod Manager]"
●Bug fix: Some errors when MOM is launched for the first time

●Bug fix: Fixed a small bug with the 'MOMLauncher.dll' when disable the "P.P." in-game
----●Improved: The "Check all / Uncheck all" RAM Cleaner button
----●Bug fix: Fixed a bug with the "self.xml" file

●Added: Now you can enable/disable the P.P. in-game!
●Added: 'In-Game Enable/Disable Key' to set the key that will enable/disable the P.P. in-game
●Improved: Re-coded the 'MOMLauncher.dll' and improved the In-Game notifications
[!!!]: If you have an old 'self.xml' file from a old version of MOM delete this file and re-launch MOM

●Added: Now MOM make the P.P. automatically when you see your character in-game without the 'Apply after (sec)' manually function
●Changed: Re-coded the 'MOMLauncher.dll'
●Removed: The 'Apply after (sec)' function
----●Bug fix: An issue with the GTA V directory find for the Steam version
[!!!]: If you have an old 'self.xml' file from a old version of MOM delete this file and re-launch MOM.
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