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More Props For Menyoo [Resource] v1


Gives access to many building props for use in the menyoo spooner. These are known as drawables they have no collision but they are already in the game. have only seen this used before on map editor as this file works similairly to unlock all objects or 50k object list. So i figured it was time to share this since most map mods suck lol. Also adds these cool blank car props in as well just search the name of the vehicle you want in the spooner and if it doesnt appear then try input model name. Buggy feature but added it anyway as you can see some examples in the screenshots.

Bugs and Features
To spawn many of these props you have to set a marker in the area the building is orginally found in game to spawn it then u can put them anywhere. Dont be alarmed when u spawn the props they will have no collision. meaning you can walk right through them. All you have to do is then spawn a prop that does have collision in front of it then set the visibility to 0 and it will act as a force field.

Tag me in the comments if u have any questions

Add proplist to your menyoostuff

Proplist is currently compatible with MapBuilder Discovery(mapbuilders free version) by OmegaKing and custom props add-on by Shaezbrieh.

Will add a copy and paste .txt file with all the props this mod adds included in the next update to save you the trouble of copy and pasting if u use Increased props or add on props. I would have uploaded initially but it seems i have lost the file. First mod bear with me
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