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Ocelot Elena [Add-on | Unlocked] 1.0


The ocelot Elena was my first foray into modeling a production car from scratch, as such it may have issues that I haven't fixed. I am only releasing it because it was very nearly finished when I abandoned it, and people pestered me to finish it.

It has all the features you would expect from a base GTA car, LODs, proper fitting interior, etc.
The car may need some fixes to make it better, and that's why it is released under the GPL v3 license.

Tom Salmon: Concept Sketch
Johnny362000: Handling
Rockstar Games: Some interior mesh and most of the textures
Eddlm: In game Screenshot (Micheal).
Capimeeen: Green in game screenshots.
Dnero: Night in game screenshot.
Me: Everything else

Have fun.

This car is released under the GPL v3 License, You are free to use, modify and upload modified copies of this mod. All i ask is that you release any modified copies in an unlocked format so others can benefit from the modifications too.
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