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Lockheed P38 Lightning [Add-On] 4



UPDATE: Fixed canopy entry, it now slides as it should.
UPDATE 2: Added working machine guns and cannons
UPDATE 3: Added working gauges, liveries, extra skins

This mod will add the WWII era P38 Lightning to GTA5! This is my favorite plane of all time even more than the F14 Tomcat. I searched everywhere and could not find a copy of this for V, so I have tried to make one. I usually just do trains and props, so this is my first serious try at a plane. The plane has working props, working control surfaces, working congtrol wheel/yolk, working lit guages, wing landing light, running lights, interior light, working landing gear and wheels.
Livery support now working.
Machine gun and cannons working.
Works with carpet bomb script.
Plane has working custom collisions and all exhaust/fire/damage effects.
This plane is an addon and does not have proper LODs YET. It works fine spawned with something like simple trainer.

As always my models are NOT locked. If you can help me make any improvements on this little plane please contact me I would happily work with someone to improve this plane.

You can use it in your mods, videos, vehicle packs, etc, just PLEASE let me know and do not steal my little plane. It looks like its the ONLY P38 for GTAV right now and I am working very hard on it so please just don't steal.


Needs LODs

Thank you to my friends:
HEINRICH_HANS_THE_16TH for providing extra liveries for the plane!
SkylineGTRFreak for teaching me how the gauges work!
Elope for advice and assistance in learning what I did not know.


Add the P38L folder to your DLC folder using openIV


Next navigate to


Make a copy of DLCLIST by dragging it to a folder on your computer.

Next enter EDIT mode on OPENIV and add the following to your DLCLIST file:

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