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ATM Robberies (Controller Support) 1.1



Thanks to FelixTheBlackCat for letting me use some of his source code (especially locations). This mod is pretty much an revamped standalone version of atm robberies from his ATM Robberies & Bank Heists mod (he has provided permission to do so)
Thanks to Aimless for the hacking minigame.
Thanks to HeySlickThatsMe for help.
If you make a video on my mod please add the mod link to the description!

mod has controller support!

ATM Robberies allows you to rob 67 different ATMs across San Andreas State. ATMS are marked on the map by small blue dollar signs in a box. Once you are at an ATM stand close to the blue circle infront of it then click F or (Y on Xbox Controller, Triangle for Playstation) and you will begin to rob it. This mod is similar to what is in FelixTheBlackCat's ATM Robberies & Bank Heists mod but it is updated with many new features as well.

the .ini file allows you to configure the mod to how you would like.
- MinCash = the minimum amount of money you will recieve after a robbery
- MaxCash = the maximum amount of money you will recieve after a robbery, the game will choose a random value inbetween MinCash and MaxCash
- WantedLevel = what wanted level you will recieve after robbing an ATM
- EnableHacking = Does what it says, if set to false then you won't do the hacking minigame, it will play an animation instead.
- ShowBlips = ATM blips will be enabled if this is set to True. if it is set to False blips will be disabled
OnlyShowNearBlips = will only show blips nearby to you if set to True .
ShowMarkers = will only show blue circle markers in front of ATMs if set to True.
- debug options = ignore these, these are mainly for me to develop the mod but if you set debugmode to true it will show your coordinates at the top of the screen, i kept this in because some people might want it.(Z coord is at your feet not torso like most coord mods)

- Script Hook V
- Script Hook V .NET
- Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8

Put AtmRobberies.dll and AtmRobberies.ini into your scripts folder.
If you do not have a scripts folder, read the requirements!

0.1 - Initial Release

0.2 - changed animations!
- adjusted text notifications.

0.3 - added camera angle when robbing.
- circular markers now only appear when you near the atm. (before it had all of them loaded at once)
- new option in .ini for blips to only show when you are nearby the atm(default off)

0.3.1 - Added option in .ini file to disable blue markers.
- .ini has had some changes, new subheadings for blips and markers.
- Added 5 new ATMs in the city. (Thanks for Tha Newbie for some.)

0.3.2 - Alarm bell fix
- you can now rob an ATM with a wanted level.

- you now have to hack the ATMs
- cops spawn later
- alarm bell actually fixed this time.
- added 3 ATMS (2 next to paleto lsc, 1 at the gas station next to the ocean highway) thanks to late4work for pointing these out

1.1 - Patch & Minor feature update.
- The robbery will fail if you die while trying to lose the cop.
- Added custom Hacking Passwords! Comment a password idea for it to be added! (Must be lore friendly and 8 characters long)
- Fixed a bug where the hacking would soft-lock your game if the timer ran out.
- added 4 new Atm's (thanks to late4work for pointing these out)

If there are any missing ATMs comment them and I will add them.Also, Comment a password idea for it to be added! (Must be lore friendly and 8 characters long)

ATM Robberies © All Rights Reserved
All files are owned by danistheman262, any modification, or distribution of this file without the written consent from danistheman262 is strictly prohibited.
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