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Pegassi Vacca - LSPD [Add-On | Sound] 1.1

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Extending the enforcement of "no super cars in Blaine" unwritten rule to LS city proper was intended to reduce speeding amongst wiseguys flexing on the general populace with their riced supers. At first. Once that extension turned out to be a panda-makeupped V10-powered donation to the LSPD, all the anxiety cooled down - because this Italian toy is easily outrun by an average Portola Drive inhabitant in his Adder. Lack of proper employee training pays off. For that reason, this particular Vacca now serves as a cool toy for LSPD events - crying to its sleep over its unrealized potential.
Five-Star Police Auctions



+ Added an addon vehicle soundbank - Tempesta V10 engine with police sirens and police chatter.
- As a result of above, removed support for Eddlm's Auto Engine Sound Swapper script. When using the 1.1 version, make sure to remove VaccaLSPDAudioSwaps.ini from 'scripts/SoundSwaps' directory.

+ Initial release.


Installation guide in a readme file in the archive.


This is LSPD Pegassi Vacca based on the real-life Lamborghini Gallardo used by Los Angeles Police Department.

Model name: polvacca

NEW! - custom vehicle soundbank - V10 engine from Tempesta with police sirens and police radio chatter! All native with no need for external scripts.
Emergency lighting: new LED lightbar based loosely on Federal Signal Arjent S2 used on LAPD vehicles, headlight flashers.
Livery: 4 lore-friendly LSPD skins.
Interior: radio, siren controller, LSPD laptop, front dashcam.
• Spawns with black rims and orange brake calipers like the real inspiration.
• All the improved Vacca model changes: front indicators, reverse lights, Pegassi V10 engine etc.
All basic vehicle functions: breaking glass, dirt mapping, all LODs etc.

Rockstar Games - original vehicle and police equipment models.
Voit Turyv - vehicle model, UV mapping and templating, lightbar model, LSPD livery.
11john11 - lighting setup, screenshots.
Skitty - Wiwang Emergency Lighting System model.
AlexanderLB - Wiwang Emergency Lighting System texture.
Boywond - Vacca badges.

If you want to modify the model or reupload it somewhere else, make sure to contact me and give credit.
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